Taliban Says Won’t Tolerate “Invasions” After Alleged Pak Airstrikes


Pakistan has not confirmed its involvement in the airstrikes inside Afghanistan’s borders. (agent)



Afghanistan’s acting defense minister said on Sunday that the Taliban administration would not tolerate an “invasion” from its neighbors as it protested the airstrikes carried out by neighboring Pakistan.

The remarks came after the Taliban administration blamed Pakistan for the airstrikes that officials say killed dozens in Kunar and Khost provinces.


Pakistan, which has not confirmed its involvement in the airstrike inside Afghanistan’s borders, said the two countries are “brother countries”.

“We are facing problems and challenges from both the world and our neighbors, a clear example of this is their invasion of our territory in Kunar,” Afghanistan’s acting Defense Minister Mullah Mohammad Yacoub said at a ceremony in Kabul to commemorate the anniversary of his death. ” His father, Mullah Mohammad Omar K., the founder of the Taliban.

“We cannot tolerate the attack. We have tolerated that attack. We tolerated it because of national interest, next time we cannot tolerate it,” he said.

Pakistan’s Foreign Office spokesman, asking for comment on Yakub’s remarks, said that Pakistan looks forward to a long-term engagement with Afghanistan to secure peace.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are brother and sister countries. The governments and people of both countries consider terrorism to be a serious threat and have been battling this crisis for a long time… Therefore, it is important that both our countries through relevant institutional Connect in a meaningful way. To support the channels in combating cross-border terrorism and taking action against terrorist groups on their soil,” the spokesperson said.

The foreign ministry of the Taliban administration last week called on Pakistan’s ambassador to protest the attacks. Local officials said 36 people were killed in the attack by Pakistani military helicopters.

The head of the UN children’s agency in Afghanistan said 20 children were killed in airstrikes in Khost and Kunar on April 16.

Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in August, there have been several standoffs along the 2,600-kilometre (1,615 mi) border with Pakistan – drawn up by British colonial rulers and disputed by Kabul.

Frustrated by frequent attacks, Pakistan’s military has stepped up operations along the Afghan border in recent months.

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