Watch Upcoming Komi can’t communicate Episode 10: Release Date & Spoilers


In Komi can’t communicate Episode 10 Summer Vacation is revealed after the students excel in their exams. Tadano thinks about the other students and what they think or do during the summer break. After the summer break, the students returned to school and saw that Komi was back and she was more beautiful than ever. Inaka Nokoko comes to school and sees other girls and boys admiring Komi’s beauty. In the latest episode of Komi Communicate, Inaka feels shy and wonders why all the students are like this. She learns that she is always nervous on the first day of school.

Inaka thinks she is a country girl and startles the other students when she screams. She walks into class and realizes that the first term was challenging. Inaka knows that when she was at home she didn’t go with the others during the summer holidays. They believe that no one noticed this, and that if they did, they would put her to death. Inaka learns that all girls wear short skirts, but she is the only girl who wears a skirt two inches below the knees.

But after the summer break she has changed and has the confidence to be like other girls. On the way, she meets Devi of the class and wonders what Devi will say to her. Inaka views Komi as the goddess of class as everyone praises Komi. She learns that Komi is a town girl, and she wants to be like him. Komi goes to her seat and shakes her head, and Tadano knows she is greeting him. Osana comes and wonders if they have extra classes because he doesn’t want to buy lunch and someone should help.

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Osana asks Komi to buy him food, and Tadano thinks Osana can go and do so. Inaka heard what Osana said, and decided to eat the same meal as Osana, thinking it was Komi’s favorite lunch. Komi decides to help Osana and Tadano thought she would say no. But after Osana reminds her that they are friends, Komi agrees. Inaka decides to follow Komi because she will learn something new from Komi. Later, Komi arrives at the food store, and Tadano follows her. But Komi is unaware that two men are chasing him.

Tadano wonders who is chasing Komi because the girl was hiding. But Komi panics when she tries to enter the restaurant. She thinks about what she will say, and Tadano is worried because he can’t help her. Komi enters the store, and the two follow her. The seller calls Komi to order and help him; Inaka wonders how Komi reacts. But Komi did the opposite and left the shop without paying anything. Inaka wonders what happened that left Komi all of a sudden.

Komi stands at the entrance and wonders what she should do, but has promised Osana that she will bring him lunch. Komi enters the store again and thinks she can face the seller. Inaka walks over to Komi, and the seller waits for Komi to say what she wants, but Komi points to Osana’s favorite lunch. She realizes that she has forgotten something and tries to think. After buying, she went back to school, and Tadano was impressed that Komi did something without anyone’s help. She was relieved that she passed out from the part, and Tadano wondered if Komi was okay.

Komi can’t communicate episode 10 release date

Komi can’t communicate Episode 10 will release on 8th December 2021. Inaka approaches Tadanao, and she is impressed that Komi used a smile to avoid all questions. She vows to follow Komi for the rest of her life. Inaka goes to the store to buy what Komi has bought. Tadano wanted to talk to him. At school, Osana enjoys the meal and thanks Komi. Let’s see the official information of Komi Kant Communicate Episode 10.

Watch Komi can’t communicate Episode 10 Cannot Communicate Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Komi can’t communicate Episode 10 online on Funimation and Netflix on Thursdays at 12:00PM JST. You can watch Komi Can-t Communicate episode 10 online on Netflix and YouTube channels in other countries. Later in the evening, Komi receives a message from Nanaka Omuhara and talks about video games. The next day Tadano was asked to say Shuko, but he hesitated. Let’s meet when Komi Communicate Episode 10 is released.

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