Watch: Storm Blows Off Metal Roof. Narrow Escape For Passing Car


Storms can be fictionalized in plays and poetry. But in real life, they pose a great threat to humans. Without proper equipment, a storm can cause enormous damage to human life and property. Gales, especially when accompanied by torrential rains and thunderstorms, can also alter the course of daily life and cause havoc. Now a viral video shows us the effects of such a storm. The video, broadcast on ViralHog, shows a dramatic incident when a tin roof is dislodged from its place during a storm. After blowing in the storm, the metal roof crashes between two cars parked in a street, narrowly avoiding another passing car on the road. The incident happened in Dee Why, New South Wales, Australia on December 19. The caption of the video read, “A metal roof was flying in the middle of the road during a storm in Dee Why.”

Watch the heartbreaking video, which has garnered over 21,000 views on YouTube, above.

Viewers couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw it. Many expressed their shock. One user wrote: “It happens all the time when there is a storm.” Another sympathized with the owners whose vehicles were affected by the crash. The person wrote: “Unhappy. Car owners wonder why? A viewer commented, “RIP to anyone who walked near this.”

Storms can lead to horrific accidents. Last year, when Storm Ciara swept across northwestern Europe, it left chaotic aftermath. It has been nicknamed the “storm of the century”. Clips shot at Birmingham Airport revealed how difficult it was for flights to land due to cross winds. Images showed a plane blown onto its side during an unsuccessful landing. Read more about it here.

When Hurricane Laura hit the state of Louisiana in the southern United States, it ripped off the roofs of buildings and smashed windows. The Category 4 storm left in its wake flooded streets, uprooted trees, flying debris and flooded buildings. Nick Underwood, a hurricane hunter with the United States’ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, entered the eye of the hurricane. While his goal was to capture data for forecasters, he ended up giving us some jaw-dropping views from inside the storm.

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