Vir Das tells clueless Whitney Cummings how Shah Rukh Khan is ‘world’s biggest star’, she googles him right away. Watch


Vir Das spoke about Shah Rukh Khan on a podcast and said, “No one romances a woman like Shah Rukh romances a woman – that’s something you will find people saying.”

Vir Das described Shah Rukh Khan as “the biggest star in the world” during a podcast session and also talked about writing jokes for the superstar. Vir was talking about actor-comedian Whitney Cummings’ Good For You podcast when he tried to explain how Brad Pitt walking down an Los Angeles street would be a possibility, but that Shah Rukh stepping out in Mumbai would lead to a “stampede.” .

Speaking of the 56-year-old actor’s fan base, Vir said, “In Mumbai, if Shah Rukh Khan, who is Bollywood’s biggest star, stepped out for about 30 seconds, there would be a stampede. There are said to be 5,000 people in the street. And it’s like Bollywood celebrity.

As Whitney Google searched Shah Rukh, Vir continued, “He’s pretty much the biggest star in the world. As with everything. In terms of fan-base, in terms of reach, in terms of everything. Like every Sunday, he will have 10,000 people waiting in front of his house. “

“No one romances a woman like Shah Rukh romances a woman – that’s something you’ll find people saying,” Vir added. He also spoke about Shah Rukh’s journey to stardom and said, “His story is really great. He showed up in Mumbai with nothing but a suitcase and sort of became the story of the ‘king of the world’. I think people identify with it, yearn for it.

Vir recalled writing jokes for Shah Rukh for awards shows and said he would make his own additions, which would turn out better: “Our version of the Oscars – I used to. to write jokes for it and he animated it. Like you’re in his house and just love throwing jokes at the guy. And then he would never listen to you. He would go on and do his version of the joke and it would always be better. No one has ever done that. He added, “So behind the scenes you say to yourself” … that was good. You know he’s so good. He’s so smart.

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Actor-comedian Vir Das is best known for his comedy specials on Netflix. He was nominated for the International Emmy Awards for the show Vir Das: For India – he lost to Call My Agent. He was recently in the midst of a controversy for his monologue “Two Indias”.

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