Vicky-Kat wedding: Katrina Kaif hires private tutor for Punjabi lessons


It’s no secret that Vicky Kaushal is a full-fledged Punjabi Munda, and now Katrina Kaif is doing everything to be the perfect Punjabi bahu.

We learn that Kaif, from the UK, hired a private tutor to learn Punjabi before marrying Kaushal on December 9. .

In fact, preparations are in full swing for the Bollywood star couple’s lavish wedding in Rajasthan, from fireworks trials to dance rehearsals to safari plans.

The actors will begin the new chapter of their lives with opulent celebrations. They will be married in the middle of a royal installation in a 200-year-old fort in Chauth Ka Barwara, a few kilometers from Sawai Madhopur. We can exclusively tell you that not only the fort, but the whole village is being decorated, with whitewashing in all the houses.

While Kaushal will remain in the Raja Mansingh suite, Kaif will remain in the Rani Rajkumari suite. For customers, hotels have been reserved in Sawai Madhopur. We hear it will be a celebrity affair, with hotels for superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan also booked.

We can confirm that all hotels in Sawai Madhopur are already full for the wedding. In fact, Salman’s close associate, Beena Kak, helped the couple put all the plans in place in the city.

As the big day approaches, dance rehearsals take place and we also hear that fireworks simulations are happening almost every night.

We can also exclusively report that the couple also organize a tiger safari for all guests of Jogi Mahal as part of the wedding festivities and personally oversee all preparations.

Meanwhile, the couple have a no-camera policy at the wedding. They are also believed to have made their guests sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) clause. And that’s because they want to own the narrative of their story as they strike a deal for their “happily ever after.”


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