Toyota Teams Up With BYD To Make $30,000 EV


This car is expected to be shown at the Beijing Auto Show and become Toyota’s second BZ brand after the BZ4X.

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Toyota has been against electric vehicles for the longest time

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Toyota has reportedly signed an agreement with Chinese electric vehicle major BYD to make an affordable $ 30,000 electric car. Toyota only recently unveiled its first electric vehicle and has generally fallen behind most automakers in manufacturing electric vehicles. But slowly he made the transition. Toyota, for the most part, has focused on hydrogen and fuel cell cars and even lobbied against the adoption of electric vehicles, but due to pressure from investors began its transition.

“Toyota Motor Corp will launch a small, all-electric sedan in China at the end of next year, having turned to its local partner BYD for key technology in order to ultimately make an affordable but spacious ride,” a report from Reuters.

This car is said to be based on an LFP battery developed by BYD. It will use blade battery cell technology with LFP chemistry. LFP chemistry is known to be cheaper and greener, but it has issues with the range, but that has started to change.


The BZ4X became the first Toyota EV and this new car could be the next one

BYD’s blade battery cells have even caught the attention of Tesla and Apple. “The car was made possible by BYD battery technology. It more or less helped us solve the challenges we faced in delivering an affordable small electric sedan with a spacious interior,” a Toyota source said. to Reuters.

Toyota for its part declined to comment on the news officially. “We do not comment on future products. Toyota sees battery electric vehicles as a way to help us achieve carbon neutrality and is committed to the development of all types of electrified vehicle solutions,” the Japanese giant said in a official statement to Reuters. .


This car is expected to be shown at the Beijing Auto Show and become Toyota’s second BZ brand after the BZ4X.

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