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Kaguya Sama’s Love Is War Chapter 247 reveals the secrets of the Shinomiya family. Miko Ino is troubled by Shinomiya family issues as the student council has lost Kaguya, whom they cannot contact. Still, Miyuki keeps getting messages that all will be well. The student council member wonders if Kaguya is leaving the student council job. In the latest chapter of Kaguya Sama Love Is War, Miko Ino and Yu Ishigami become concerned because they haven’t heard anything from Kaguya. Ishigami learns that Miyuki only has one term left and moves to America.

The two also talked about Fujiwara and wondered if she would come to the student council room. Ishigami thinks that the student council will stop working until autumn comes. He reminds Miko that only two of them will be left. But Miko grabs her hand, and Ishigami wonders what she wants to do. Ishigami wonders if there must be a moment when two people are together in the same room. Miko holds her hand and talks about the student council matter.

Ishigami wonders why Miko is calm by holding her hand, but Miko gets up and drops her hand. She asks him if she can bring them something to eat. Miko reveals that she has food cooked by the maid who comes every three weeks, and that she can heat them. Ishigami looks at her hand and thinks she can save that food because she can start feeding it. Miko accepts her and again takes her hand and sits beside her. Ishigami wonders why she is talking about something related to holding his hand.

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Ishigami thought Miko was holding her hand, but now it’s different because she’s doing it again. He felt his heart racing and wondered what he should say to Miko. Miko calls out his name and asks him if Miyuki was the one who persuaded him to join the student council and whether he will stay when term begins. Ishigami is unsure, but he is still interested in working in the student council room. He remembers the day he talks to Miyuki and learns that he has found a place to live.

Ishigami reveals that Miyuki has helped him with many things, and he wanted to return the favor. Miko advises him to think about whether he can stay and get what he wants. They also talk about the entrance exam, and Miko asks him what he will do next. But Ishigami asks her if she will stay, and Miko answers yes, even if she has to be alone. He learns that Miko’s goal was to become president and pats his head after learning that he has worked hard. Miko reveals that she wonders why she wanted to be a student council presence.

She explains everything that happened when she became a member of the student council and her rivalry. Miko also talked about the rules she made in her prime time and how she keeps things organized. Ishigami touched Miko’s hair and said it was silky, but Miko didn’t hear it. He starts thinking about the hair food that Miko uses and wonders if he can continue brushing his hair. Miko continues to talk about other things while Ishigami enjoys touching her hair.

kaguya sama-love-is war chapter 247 release date

Kaguya Sama-Love-Is War Chapter 2479 will release on December 2021, Miko wonders if Ishigami agrees with what he said, but he says yes. They talk about how lonely they become, and Miko touches Ishigami’s chest. Miko tells her that when she is alone she prefers someone to spoil her. She admits that she needs Ishigami to spoil her. Ishigami wonders if this is his opportunity. Let’s check the official information of Kaguya Sama-Love-Is War Chapter 247.

Read Kaguya Sama-Love-Is War Chapter 247 Online – Raw Details

You can read Kaguya-sama-Love Is War Chapter 247 online. Ishigami held her tight and pulled her towards him and wanted to share with her an actor of true love. But her cellphone rang and the moment was ruined. He talks to Kaguya and finds that she is leaving Suchin. The manga releases on Thursdays, but is delayed over the weekend. Let’s meet on the release of Kaguya Sama Love-is-War Chapter 247.

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