Meet the robotics engineer who has designed contactless gol gappa vending machine


Gol gappa or pani puri – whatever you can call it – is, without a doubt, the most favorite of all the street foods in India. People love to eat this spicy, fried delicacy in all of its varieties. However, some people also remain wary due to hygiene issues.

But, you no longer have any reason to worry because a man from Delhi did a contactless gol gappa vending machine that dispenses these delicious water balls without having to touch them.

“From payment to distribution of gol gappas – this machine is completely contactless, ”said Govind, who designed and developed this vending machine.

“It is not only the first machine in India but also in the world,” he added.

The machine went viral after Foody Vishal, a blogger, shared a video showing how it works. The machine has prices of gol gappa and vada pav mentioned on a screen. You just need to scan the QR code and make the payment. After payment is made, the machine will dispense a sealed packet of gol gappas. The pack contains a glass which can be used to refill flavored water from the four available options – sweet, spicy, to hang up and mix.

Additionally, Govind informed that everything that is used to make this machine is fully developed in India. “From the cloud server to the applications and software used in the backend, everything is made in the country. ”

“This machine is not limited to gol gappa and vada pav. You can use it for almost any dish. It’s a versatile machine, ”he added.

Govind, who is a robotics engineer and runs an internet cafe in Delhi, started working on this machine in 2018. However, due to time constraints, he was unable to complete it. “The confinement gave me a lot of free time, so I started working on it again,” he said.

The video also showed an AI-powered bot that was seen answering questions related to the machine. (Source: Govind)

“The first version of this machine was released in March 2021. It was for testing purposes. He instantly became famous and I started to get a lot of orders. We recently released its retail version that everyone has seen.

The video instantly went viral, racking up over 8 lakhs of views and many reactions.

One user wrote: “They are taking our street food and our technology to the next level.”

“Vending machine made in India. What a great invention from Govind Ji. It’s time to change our India through vending machines, ”commented another user.

Currently, you can find this machine at two locations in Delhi. One is located in Sector 17, Rohini and another is located at Delhi Technological University, Daulatpur. He distributes gol gappa at Rs 20 and vada pav at Rs 21.

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