Mahie Gill on marriage with live-in partner: Very soon, will surely put that pic up on social media


She is as unconventional an actress as can be. From her cinematic choices to her offscreen demeanor, actress Mahie Gill does what she loves. Currently in a relationship with her boyfriend, whose identity is not yet known, and mother of a four-and-a-half-year-old daughter, she suggests that she will soon be married.

“It will happen in the near future, very soon. Woh image toh the main social media pe zaroor daalungi, ”the 45-year-old said. When she mentions social media, we ask her why she isn’t doing everything to promote herself, isn’t seen at movie nights and the like, or isn’t more open online. Gill says she takes the advice to be seen by everyone around her.

“They say to me, ‘What are you doing? Why are you in this line? Why are you like that? Be seen ‘But I’m quite happy. I’m barely there on Instagram, but I have to change that about me. People need to know what’s going on in your life… I am a very private person though. I get this advice every day, ”she admits.

A few actors have confessed in the past that the number of social media followers also gets a job. Gill thinks that today the focus is less on the job itself, and more on being active online, varying looks, etc. ? She disagrees: “Nahi, dikhte bhi hain aur fashion bhi hai, and at the same time, they are also doing a good job. I’m not talking about everyone. Social media has become so important now. Aap jitna dikh rahe ho, views badh rahe hain. There are people like me who barely visit these sites. Har ek ka apna choice hai. No one is wrong. Tomorrow I could become one of those who are on social media all the time.

Although she spends less screen time, she is happy that she got the much-needed mother-daughter time in the midst of the pandemic. “I was shooting for my recent show Your Honor Season 2. The first one was well received and I loved it, and when the first one is, you have no hesitation in being a part of it. I was also doing other projects even then (when the pandemic was at its peak). But yeah, when everything was in the cabin, I got to hang out with her, take care of her schooling and everything. », She concludes.


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