“Irresponsible Act”: US Vice President Kamala Harris Slams Russia Test


US Vice President Kamala Harris criticized Russia’s test last month. (To file)


US Vice President Kamala Harris on Wednesday criticized an “irresponsible” Russian test that endangered the International Space Station with debris, and the Biden administration presented a new strategy for responsible use of space.

Harris called the inaugural meeting of the National Space Council and called on members of the government body to promote responsible behavior in civil, commercial and national security in space, where there are growing business interests and concerns about Chinese and Russian competition.

“Without clear standards for the responsible use of space, we run a real risk of threats to our national and global security,” said Harris.

She said Russia’s “irresponsible act” of testing anti-satellite technology last month created debris that endangered the International Space Station (ISS).

U.S. officials have expressed concern over the increased security activities of Washington’s main rivals in space. China’s hypersonic weapons test this year has raised the prospect of an arms race in Earth-orbiting systems that could dodge current missile defenses.

Meanwhile, a growing number of companies, including SpaceX, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic, are looking to usher in a new era of private commercial spaceflight after years of private companies working alongside the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA ) of the US government in the rocket launcher.

President Joe Biden also signed an executive order on Wednesday adding the heads of the Education, Labor, Agriculture and Home departments as well as his national climate adviser to the National Space Council.

The administration also wants the group’s work to increase space-based climate data and bolster scientific efforts that could boost U.S. job creation and competitiveness, it said in a statement.

The National Space Council is separate from the military arm of the US Space Force created under former President Donald Trump.

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