Instead Of Coconut, Brand-New UP Road Cracked Open


The road was built in Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh.


BJP MP in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, called to inaugurate rebuilt 7km road at cost of Rs 1.16 crore, found himself in spot where coconut cracking ritual ended by damaging the road.

Furious, Suchi Mausam Chaudhary, the deputy of the district of Bijnor Sadar, waited on the spot for three hours for a team of officers to arrive and take samples from the road to investigate.

She pledged tough action on those responsible and was seen helping dig a larger hole on site to help collect the asphalt sample.

“The irrigation department was building a road for Rs 1.16 crore. The road is about 7.5 km long. I was asked to inaugurate the road. When I got there and I tried to crack a coconut, the coconut did not break. Pieces of the road came loose, “she told reporters.


The MP promised tough action against those responsible

“I had it checked and found the construction to be deficient. The work was not up to standard. We stopped the inauguration. I spoke to the District Magistrate. The SM formed a team of three people. The material was sent for collection and we were there for almost three hours, ”said Chaudhary.

“Measures will be taken against those responsible (…) they will be subject to strict measures. The DM assured me that the road will be built according to specifications,” she added.


The road was under construction by the irrigation service for Rs 1.16 crore

Bijnor Irrigation Department executive engineer Vikas Agarwal, however, denied any corruption, saying: “This is not true. We have asked the district magistrate to investigate so that there is no of misconceptions. “

The incident comes as a major embarrassment for the BJP government less than three months before state elections in which efficient and corruption-free administration has been Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s main argument.


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