Green Hydrogen Is Future, Tap Huge Opportunity: Union Minister To Farmers


Steel mills, tractors, buses, railways, all other industries will run on green hydrogen: Nitin Gadkari


Green hydrogen is the future of alternative fuel and farmers must get involved in its production “to seize the huge opportunity,” Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said in Nagpur on Friday.

The minister was speaking at the inauguration of an exhibition organized by ‘Agrovision’, of which he is the main sponsor.

Green hydrogen can be made from biomass, bio-organic waste and dirty water, and can replace imported coal, he said.

“Steel plants, tractors, buses, railways and all other industries will run on green hydrogen. This is the future and now farmers should not only produce ethanol, bio-LNG. but also green hydrogen and seize the huge opportunity, ”Gadkari said.

He told the rally that the Agrovision exhibition, where more than 40 workshops are held, has been going on for 13 years now and more than three lakh farmers attend each year.

Green hydrogen is the term given when the gas is generated entirely by renewable energy, while the other variety, which is produced by steam reforming natural gas, is called gray hydrogen.


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