EV Sales November 2021: WardWizard Sells 3,290 Electric Two-Wheelers Witnessing 12-Fold Growth


In November 2021, WardWizard, which sells electric two-wheelers under the Joy e-Bike brand, sold 3,290 electric scooters and motorcycles in India. Compared to the 255 units sold a year ago in November 2020, the company has seen massive growth of twelve times.

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WardWizard, which sells electric two-wheelers under the Joy e-Bike brand, sold 3,290 units in November

WardWizard Innovations and Mobility, which manufactures and sells electric bikes under the Joy e-Bike brand, announced its highest monthly sales on record in November 2021. Last month, the company sold 3,290 scooters and electric motorcycles, that is, a multiplication by twelve. growth from 255 units sold a year ago in November 2020. The company says the massive growth was driven by demand during the holiday season and rebounding business activity. WardWizard says its low-speed models observed good traction in urban and semi-urban centers.

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Year-to-date (YTD) sales of Joy E-Bike amounted to 13,516 units, almost seven times more than in November 2020

Commenting on the milestone sales, Sheetal Bhalerao, Director of Operations, WardWizard Innovations and Mobility, said, “During this festival season we have received a phenomenal response from all of our dealerships with massive bookings and inquiries compared to to last year. With the expansion of our network and the introduction of company-owned outlets, we also started to receive good responses from customers in new markets. With increased customer awareness and inclination for green mobility, we are confident to achieve strong sales figures in the months to come.

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Wardwizard recorded an equally impressive sales performance during the period of April and November 2021. The company’s year-to-date sales (YTD) were 13,516 units, or nearly seven times more than the 1,957 electric two-wheelers sold during the same period in 2020. Currently, Joy e-bike has a large portfolio of 9 electric products. scooters and motorcycles in its fleet.

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