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The electric two-wheeler segment in India is constantly expanding with more and newer players entering the market every year. In 2021 alone, we saw the entry of electric scooters like – Ola S1, Bounce Infinity E1 and Simple One. Along with this, we’ve also seen Mumbai-based start-up Earth Energy EV foray into the electric two-wheeler segment. The company had announced that it would launch 3 new electric vehicles in India, and now it is finally ready with its first product – the Glyde electric scooter. We recently had the opportunity to briefly test the scooter and find out what it is and how it rides.

The Glyde range is offered in two options: a low speed Glyde SX with a top speed of 25 km / h and a high speed Glyde SX +, which can go up to 90 km / h. Both are electronically limited. Moreover, the former does not require a driver’s license or registration to travel on Indian roads. The scooters are made locally at Earth Energy EV’s production facility in Vasai, Mumbai, and the company claims it has been able to achieve 98% localization with the Glyde range. In fact, the only imported parts are the battery cells and the instrument cluster LCD panel. While the cells of the SX + are from South Korea, the display unit and the cells of the SX trims are imported from China. Everything else was bought locally in India.

The Glyde range is offered in two options: a low speed Glyde SX and a high speed Glyde SX +

Design and style

Visually, you might not call the Glyde an attractive scooter in the conventional sense, however, hang out with it and it will grow on you. The beefy front apron has a loaded design with bold sculpted lines and a large headlight unit, which comes with halogen lights. However, when it comes to build quality, we noticed several shortcomings in the exposed panels and wires, while the quality of the plastic was also lower than normal.

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The beefy front apron gets a loaded design with bold sculpted lines and the large headlight unit

That said, the models we drove were pre-production units and Earth Energy EV says the vehicles that will be delivered to customers will have a better finish, however, the quality of the plastic will not change. The scooter also has motorcycle-style indicators on the front, while at the rear the indicators are integrated into the tail light.


The scooter comes with 18 liters of storage capacity under the seat, which is a decent size, but you won’t be able to fit a full-size helmet in it.

The Gylde SX range also comes with a wide seat with nice soft padding, as well as a handrail sold at the back. The scooter comes with 18 liters of storage capacity under the seat, which is a decent size, and while some groceries, a small purse, or a half-face helmet aren’t a problem, you won’t be able to. put a full -size helmet in here. Believe us, we have tried. In addition, there is also no lighting under the seat. The mirrors are also a bit small, but they can be adjusted to get a decent view.

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The Gylde also comes with a wide seat with nice soft padding, as well as a handle sold on the back.

Features and equipment

In terms of specs, the scooter comes with a 5 inch LCD instrument screen positioned vertically, however, here too we could see that the finish was not correct. The panels were slightly misaligned on these test bikes. That said, the screen itself is pretty decent and offers a ton of information like speed, range, riding mode, temperature, battery status, and more. You also get a dark mode option as well as Bluetooth connectivity, which lets you pair your phone for notifications and step-by-step navigation. All of these functions are controlled using the switchgear on the right. In addition, for safety reasons, the menus are only accessible when the scooter is in a stationary position and the circuit breaker is engaged.


The 5-inch screen offers a wealth of information such as speed, range, driving mode, temperature, battery status, etc. There is also a dark mode.

The scooter also comes with a reverse function, and to engage it you just need to long press the start button. Once reverse gear is engaged, it will be displayed on the screen, accompanied by a beep. Press the power button once more to turn off reverse mode. The left switchgear has standard buttons for low beam, high beam and low beam, indicators and horn.


The Glyde SX range comes with a reverse function, smart switch, 12 inch wheels and disc brakes

The suspension functions are provided by telescopic front forks and double-spring shock absorbers at the rear. Earth Energy also offers a 12-inch alloy front wheel and a 12-inch steel rear wheel, both shod with tubeless 90/90 sector tires. Glyde scooters are also equipped with disc brakes at both ends.

Battery and charging option

The Glyde SX and SX + both come with a 3.9 kWh lithium-ion battery which is placed inside the floor of the scooter. The usable battery capacity in both cases is approximately 3.75 kWh. The battery can be fully charged using a home charger, supplied with the scooter, from a conventional 10A power outlet, in approximately 2.5 hours. Interestingly, Earth Energy EV will also provide customers with a special RFID tag, which will be integrated inside the key fob. This RFID tag must be placed on the reader installed in the charging module to activate the charger. The company says this is to ensure that only the vehicle owner can use the charger.


The battery can be fully charged using a home charger, from a conventional 10A power outlet, in approximately 2.5 hours

Of course, scooters also come with fast charging capability, which can deliver 80% juice in just 40 minutes. These fast chargers will be placed at the contact points of Earth Energy EV dealers. Maximum range for the SX + is rated at 100 km on a single charger, while the same for the SX goes up to 150 km. This is mainly due to the fact that the top speed of the latter is limited to 25 km / h. Additionally, the SX + comes with three riding modes – Eco, Ride and Pro, while the SX gets 2 – Eco and Pro. Official range figures for the various modes have yet to be shared.


The Glyde SX + comes with three riding modes – Eco, Ride and Pro, while the SX gets 2 – Eco and Pro

Powertrain and handling

The scooters are powered by a belt drive electric motor which has been developed in-house. In the SX +, the electric motor delivers 4.2 kW, or almost 6 hp in horsepower. The output torque, meanwhile, is 104 Nm, available from the start. At the slightest stroke of the accelerator, the scooter accelerates with urgency and reaches double-digit speeds in no time at all. Since we were testing the scooter in the controlled environment of the Raymond test track, we were unable to test the top speed or the 0-60 km / h numbers. So we’ll save them for our test drive review.


The SX + delivers an output of 4.2 kW, or almost 6 hp, while the output torque is 104 Nm.

The scooter also offers excellent handling, and one reason is the floor-mounted battery which helps provide a low center of gravity. So the scooter feels stuck even at higher speeds and gives more confidence to push it around corners. The suspension is set slightly on the softer side, and on the paved test track the ride was quite comfortable, however, we would need to test the scooter in real conditions to give you a more accurate quality analysis. driving. The only complaint we have is with the brakes, they could definitely have more bite and progression.


Floor mounted battery pack provides a low center of gravity for better maneuverability

As for the SX, it receives a smaller motor that generates a peak power of 250 W, or roughly 0.34 hp. However, the engine develops a good 74Nm of maximum torque, so the initial acceleration on this one is also quite impressive. In terms of handling, it is very similar to the SX +. While the Glyde SX + weighs around 113kg, the SX tips the scales at around 60kg.


The SX gets a smaller engine, but it delivers 74Nm of peak torque, so the initial acceleration on this one is pretty impressive as well.

Price and verdict

The Glyde SX and SX + are both quite capable scooters. Although they lack the dynamism and quality of their competitors like the Ather 450X, TVS iQube, Bajaj Chetak and even the Ola S1. However, the company says it was intentional. Earth Energy EV wants to sell it as a utility scooter, which is why over 60% of the pre-bookings it has received are for the low-speed model.


The Glyde might not have the vibrancy and quality of its rivals, but that’s by design because Earth Energy EV wants to position it as a utility scooter.

USA Showroom Award Glyde SX Glyde SX +
Maharashtra ₹ 74,000 95,000
Gujarat ₹ 73,000 ₹ 97,000
Tamil Nadu ₹ 78,000 1 lakh
Karnataka 79,999 98 175
Andhra Pradesh ₹ 79,900 ₹ 97,000
Telangana ₹ 79,900 ₹ 97,000


From now on, Glyde SX and SX + will be sold in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, and will gradually expand to other regions. While the low speed Glyde SX is priced at 74,000 in India, the high speed SX + will set you back around 95,000 (both excluding showroom, Maharashtra). However, these are pre-subsidy prices. The company claims that once the FAME 2 subsidies are applied, the SX + could cost as little as 68,000 in Maharashtra, making it considerably cheaper than all of its competitors. Scooter deliveries will start from January 2022. So if you’re looking for an affordable and convenient electric scooter for your commute around town, the Glyde is definitely worth considering.

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