Ayushmann Khurrana schooled for calling his look ‘gender fluid’; know what it actually means


Ayushmann Khurrana recently took to social media where he shared a magazine cover featuring him with kohled eyes and black nail paint. However, the post quickly came under close scrutiny for its caption, which left internet users furious.

Sharing the cover, the Donor Vicky the actor wrote, “Gender fluid” with a black heart.

Check out the message below.

The post instantly went viral, with the LGBTQ + community calling it “queer identity ownership” and educating the actor on “gender fluidity.” After receiving a backlash, the actor deleted his Twitter post while his Instagram post is still visible on his account.

“You are a cis het man, not a fluid type. Wearing black nail paint and staring in a movie based on gay men is not a fluid genre. Do better, ”wrote one user.

Another user commented: “Sorry to tell you, but putting colored fluids on your nails is not gender fluidity.”

According to WebMD, a fluid gender person is one whose gender identity is not fixed. “It can change over time or from day to day. Fluid is a form of gender identity or gender expression, rather than sexual orientation.

“A person whose gender is fluid can identify as a man one day, a woman the next, both a man and a woman, or neither.”

Self-identified gender fluid artist Patruni Sastry explained, “A gender fluid person is someone who constantly has the idea of ​​changing gender from moment to moment. They do not fit into a single section in particular. As a fluid gender person, you might be triggered by gender dysphoria in a timely manner, even during sexual activity. They go through multiple gender experiences and do not fit into a particular box. “

Calling the actor’s post “a huge deal,” Sastry added, “People need to understand that gender fluidity isn’t about costume play. Worn a ghaghra or putting a nail paint of a cis-het privilege doesn’t make someone’s genre fluid. Such things are quite insulting and disqualifying for the real life of people whose gender is fluid. It leads to a lot of trauma and disqualification from a person’s existence.

Okay Indrajeet Ghorpade, founder of Yes, We Exist, a digital LGBTQIA + advocacy initiative, who said that unless it was the actor’s “coming out post”, the caption reads ‘it is “confused between gender expression and gender identity”.

“Genderfluid is a gender identity, it is not a style or a fashion trend. There are countless struggles with being sexist in Indian society, and if Ayushmann had any idea of ​​what the community faces on a daily basis, he wouldn’t have simply engaged in this queerbaiting exercise, ”said Ghorpade.

“The post also propagates an incorrect stereotype that anyone who wears nail paint or makeup is a fluid person. This could subject many young boys and men to bullying and harassment if they choose to paint their nails or apply mehendi or makeup and they could be misinterpreted by bullies as being fluid type even though they may not necessarily be, ”he added.

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