‘The final state for a while’: Kirti Kulhari shares stage 2 of her hair colour journey


Kirti kulhari, lately, has been on an experimental frenzy – from getting a tattoo to flying off for a solo trip. And now the Four more shots please! The actress, who continues to share her life updates with fans on social media, revealed her new look – after coloring her hair.

“Step 2: my coloring journey. The final state for a while. The pictures speak a thousand words… so here’s for all of you to see my hair colors in all their glory… ”she wrote on Instagram, adding:“ I love coloring my hair.


New-see was appreciated by his fans and followers. “Ladies and gentlemen … the rebirth of Mrs. Kulhari … and this one too colorful!” One user wrote, while another commented, “Unbelievable… it’s bold and beautiful”.

Avani, founder of Happy In The Head, who colored the actor’s hair, told that the idea was to “go from the raven color, jet black” that she had worn for a long time to something more “clearer, brighter”.

“We decided to go for an ultra-light color with six-eight color tones, including eggplant, pink, purple, tangerine and sunset yellow,” said Avani. The colorist added that “each color has several tones” that needed to be highlighted.

The Human The actor had previously shared a bleached look, before she decided on the colors.

“Here I am… this is me… there is no one else on earth that I would rather be… Part one of my hair coloring journey.” I bleached all of my hair yesterday to change the hair color from an intense black (which I absolutely adore) to other colors (which will be decided once I get back from my trip on November 20th) ” , she had declared.

She also hinted at plans to “further lighten the hair” to a shade of 9 or 10 and then create absolute magic with it. “I’m going to love and take care of my hair so much. Me and Avani @happyinthehead decided to leave this bleached look and enjoy this part of the trip as well, ”she said when mentioning her trip to Georgia.

Avani agreed while sharing that the idea is to go even lighter over the sessions instead of bombarding him all at once. “Considering the history of the hair and the fact that it has been colored before and is not virgin hair, it was important to keep in mind that the look wasn’t just aesthetic. beautiful but the hair also remains plump, strong and soft, which requires several sessions, ”she said.

What do you think of her new look?

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