Supreme Court Seeks Data On Compensation Paid To Families Of Covid Dead


The court had said that no state would deny compensation if the death certificate did not mention Covid as the cause. To file

New Delhi:

The Supreme Court today asked the center to gather information from states on the progress made in providing compensation of Rs 50,000 to the families of COVID-19 victims and called on the government of Gujarat to have issued a notification, constituting a review committee unlike its directorates.

A bench of judges MR Shah and BV Nagarathna, who asked Solicitor General Tushar Mehta how many people received the payment, said he should collect data from all states, and that a grievance committee should be put in place before the next hearing date on November 29.

The judiciary heard a request to quash the October 29 resolution issued by the Gujarat government’s health and family protection department, forming a “COVID-19 Death Verification Committee” .

Initially, Mr. Mehta, representing the government of Gujarat, said that an amended resolution was issued under the direction of the court on November 18, but it also needed some changes.

The bench said it wanted to know who issued the first notification and that liability needs to be fixed.

Mr. Mehta said he was ready to shoulder his responsibilities.

Justice Shah asked why the Solicitor General should take on this responsibility. The officer concerned, who drafted the notification, must take responsibility, said the judge.

Mr Mehta said senior state IAS officer Manoj Aggarwal is connected to the virtual hearing and will assist the court.

The judiciary asked Mr. Aggarwal who drafted the notification and who owned the document.

Mr Aggarwal, who is the additional chief secretary, said the file goes through different departments and ultimately the competent authority gives its approval.

The judiciary then asked in this case which is the competent authority. Mr. Aggarwal replied that it was the chief minister.

“Maybe your chief minister doesn’t know much? Mr. Secretary, what are you here for? If this is the app of your mind, then you don’t know anything. the procedure ”, observed the magistracy.

Mr Mehta said there are genuine concerns about the false allegations and that is why a review panel has been formed to verify the allegations.

The bench said: “This tribunal has never called for the establishment of a review board. It will take more than a year for the real victims to get their claims and obtain a certificate from the review board. Relatives of victims are required to come with a certificate from the hospitals, but which hospital issued the certificate for deaths from COVID. “

The bench said at least 10,000 people have died according to state data and that just because false claims are made doesn’t mean real people will have to suffer.


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