Struggling with loss of taste and smell? These Ayurvedic tips can help


The pandemic has been an incredibly difficult time. Long periods of confinement and masks are now part of our daily lives. But, for those of you recovering from the dreaded virus, you may still not be able to taste and smell things. Ayurvedic practitioner Dr Nitika Kohli shares in an Instagram post: “Some have regained their sense of taste and smell after their recovery while others are still struggling.”

She talks about ways you can regain your sense of taste and smell. “The good news is that you can use home remedies to restore your smell and taste. »Check out the post here:

Read the suggestions here:

Sesame oil

The use of sesame oil in Ayurveda is abundant. Said to be very beneficial for improving strength and digestive function, Dr. Kohli suggests that you use a drop of oil in each nostril every day for “at least a month for the best results.”


Ginger is widely known to be a powerful antioxidant. Used as a flavoring agent for different cuisines, the root vegetable contains various antioxidants needed to fight stress or disease. To use ginger as a method to regain your taste and smell, Dr. Kohli suggests consuming a small piece of raw ginger a day at regular intervals. “The strong aroma of ginger can help improve your sense of taste and smell.”

Stay hydrated

Drinking water is probably one of the easiest lifestyle changes to incorporate into your daily routine. Along with helping your body regulate heat and keep your skin hydrated, water can also help restore your sense of taste and smell. Dr Kohli says, “Drinking water regularly will ensure that your body gets rid of toxins. It keeps the body hydrated.

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