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Dr. Stone Chapter 220 tells of the astronauts who will travel to the Moon with a three-seater rocket. Taiju tells the crew that he will face Bigg Final Boss. Suika wants to know who is leaving. Chelsea suggests that Dr. Zeno choose who is leaving because he is the specialist. From Dr. Stone’s latest chapter, Zeno tells the crew that the new mission will be different from the past because their astronauts will be intimidated. The general also explained how they would be revived. Zeno wonders if his science can defeat that enemy on the Moon.

He interpreted the Petri-beam that would decide the fate of humanity and chose three astronauts in the crew. They will need a pilot, a scientist and a warrior. But Ryusui thinks that the first position belongs to him and Chrome agrees as there is no pilot other than Ryusui. Dr. Zeno learns that there are few scientists on the crew, and it will be difficult to choose one. But he decided that he would keep doing the control mission because no one else could play that role. Suika wonders why they have to argue about the scientist, and Chrome says it’s obvious who the scientist is.

Senku scratches his ears, wondering if they are referring to him. Zeno reminds the crew that the three of them will be intimidated, and the astronauts will undergo endurance training. They took Senku for a swim test and told him to stay because he would be carrying a heavy spacesuit. Upon returning from a trip to Japan, Souka, Taiju and General talk about Nikki. Ryusui is glad they have internet and can communicate with everyone around the world. Jane talks with Zeno about the army that was called home.

Earlier Dr. Stone Chapter 219

The General and Zeno decide to choose their mission warrior. The Ishigami clan races on the water and the General along with Suika observes his training and sees that the Ishigami clan is good at swimming. Chrome thinks that wearing a spacesuit will be no deal for the Ishigami clan as they have good stamina. Senku finished his swimming training and went about the astronaut selection tests. They also went to a concentration test, and Zeno, along with Psi, noted their scores on the paper.

Ukyo and Gen talk about the tests and how they’re done. Chelsea are happy that Senku didn’t mind. Sai also gives them a maze to solve, and the general wonders who came up with that idea. Sai reveals the program to build the maze. Later he tested his balance and jumped over the mountains. But Tsukasa surprised everyone with his jumping skills. Ryusui wonders if he has to accept that Tsukasa is his warrior and stops with the training because he has found his warrior. Zeno asked the candidates to take rest and wait till all the tests are over.

He reveals why he doesn’t need to compare records and statistics as the battle on the moon is different. But he is glad that he is an expert when it comes to warfare. They continue training, and Tsukasa asks Kohaku to meet with him privately. Kohaku asks him to tell why he had called her out in the open. Tsukasa begins to attack Kohaku, who wonders why Tsukasa is doing this. But Tsukasa is testing his strength through battle. He knows that Kohaku is a strong warrior. Kohaku refuses to believe that Tsukasa is stabbing him in the back.

Dr. Stone Chapter 220 Release Date

Dr. Stone Chapter 220 will be released on 28 November 2021. Tsukasa refuses and reveals that it reminds her of the day they first met, and that it eats away at her skills to see if she has improved. He says that Kohaku is a capable warrior like Hyoga, even though he has gone through countless battles to the death. Zeno reveals that Senku, Ryusei and Kohaku are the three moon-going heroes. Let us check out the official details of Dr. Stone Chapter 220.

Read Dr. Stone Chapter 220 Online – Raw Details

You can read Dr. Stone Chapter 220 online at Shonen Jump+’s official website. The latest updates of Dr. Stone manga are published on ie Media and Shueisha’s online magazine. New chapters and updates are available every Sunday, and one can access the latest three chapters. Spoilers for Dr. Stone Chapter 220 will arrive this coming week, and those who don’t like spoilers can wait until Sunday. Come see us when Dr. Stone Chapter 220 releases.

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