Randeep Hooda: Watching ceremony at Wagah border more like watching Indo-Pak match


Actor Randeep Hooda is delighted to have finally been able to make his parents’ wish come true to attend the battered retirement ceremony at the border of Wagah, Punjab. The Extraction (2020) actor shares that the short trip was more of an emotional affair.

“It was my parents’ wish to attend the Border Beating Retreat Parade. Watching our glorious history had my mother in tears and my father and I speechless, and in awe of the pride. So much blood, sweat and personal sacrifice goes into securing our borders, ”Hooda tells us.

Interestingly, the actor enlisted the help of his school friends instead of using his celebrity status to secure those perfect seats. “To avoid the chaos and the feeling of being a fish in a fish bowl, I asked for help. It was not the so-called fame call, but a message placed in the school group that resulted in this great experience, ”Hooda said.

The actor explains that he contacted a classmate, who is part of the Border Security Force (BSF), who did it for them. “He called his classmate stationed in the city to make sure my parents got the full benefit of the ‘apne uncle aunty hate’ experience,” he said.

During the trip, Hooda also explored Amritsar with his family and spent time with BSF staff and had a meal in the BSF mess. It was also his first visit to the border in Amritsar. Opening up on his experience, the 45-year-old shares: “It was more like watching an India Pakistan game where instead of players, there were very smartly dressed soldiers.”

“I was aware of some of their preparations to dress up to the T and stretch their legs. It really reminded me of my days in Prithvi, ”adds Hooda, who once visited the Ferozpur border while taking a break from filming Highway (2014).

Hooda adds that watching the interaction between the two parties, the coordination, the whole exercise left him with goosebumps.

“You get goosebumps when it starts and the first soldier walks with his soles seeing the sky with every stride … A feeling of ruffling hair runs through you as more and more soldiers with different flaming movements charge up. on both sides to come face to face culminating in the descent of the flags of the two countries, ”admits the actor.

And there are a lot of lessons he came back with. “The discipline, sense of duty and pride in the uniform and the country he serves is something we as citizens should always be grateful for,” Hooda concludes, adding that he also went to the BSF museum with his family.


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