No Food Shortage, Says Karachi Zoo – But Viral Video Shows Lion In “Awful Shape”


Video shows lion at Karachi zoo looking visibly weak

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation said on Tuesday that all animals at Karachi Zoo in Pakistan were being properly fed after disturbing images of a visibly weak lion appeared online. According to Geo TV, the zoo’s food supply was suspended on Monday, with the supplier saying it had not been paid for months.

“The administration has not paid since February 2021,” said entrepreneur Amjad Mehboob.

He added that the issue had been resolved with the Karachi municipal authorities and the food supply had been renewed. The authorities assured him that his contributions would be paid by December, added Mehboob. The zoo is under the administrative control of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC).

The case came to attention after reporter Quarina Hosain shared a disturbing video of the lion at the zoo. The video shows the sleepy-looking lion slumped in its cage. “The Karachi Zoo does not pay the food suppliers … The animals are already in a terrible state,” she wrote sharing the video on Monday.

The visuals sparked outrage and were shared hundreds of times on social media, with many calling for strict action against zoo authorities. However, KMC spokesperson Ali Hasan Sajid told local news channel Dawn that the images circulating on social media were out of date and used to propagate against the zoo.

He added that the zoo had a weeklong supply of food in reserve even though the food supply had been shut down.

Karachi Zoo Senior Director Khalid Hashmi also shared a statement dismissing reports as “manghadat“or manufactured. Mr. Hashmi said there was no shortage of food and all animals were fed according to the routine as he invited people to visit the zoo and see the animals for themselves – same.

Her video of the animals at the Karachi Zoo was noticeably missing the lion that Ms Hosain had tweeted about. The journalist and animal welfare activist pointed this out in a tweet responding to the zoo director’s statement.

Karachi Zoo is the largest zoo in Pakistan and the second oldest in the country after Lahore Zoo.

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