Growing Inequality Gaps Amid Pandemic “Unacceptable”: US Vice President


“Globally, extreme poverty is on the rise, as is extreme wealth,” said Kamala Harris (File)


The world must work together to reduce inequality gaps on issues such as poverty, health and gender inclusion which only increased during the Covid-19 pandemic, the US Vice President said on Thursday. Kamala Harris.

Speaking a week after the US Congress passed President Joe Biden’s $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure investment program, she said “no nation” could be called upon to meet these challenges. her alone.

She told President Emmanuel Macron and other leaders at the Paris Peace Forum conference that inequality gaps have narrowed and widened over the course of human history, but “everything throughout this pandemic, the gaps have undoubtedly widened “.

“Globally, extreme poverty is on the rise, as is extreme wealth,” she said, adding that “progress on gender equality is under threat”, as are children’s rights. to education.

“In virtually every measure the gaps have widened. We are facing a dramatic increase in inequality and we must face this moment.”

“Why is it that one percent of the world’s population now owns 45% of the world’s wealth? Why don’t one in four people in our world have access to safe drinking water at home? “

“We cannot be aware of these shortcomings and simply resign ourselves to them,” said Harris, who is on a major multi-day visit to France aimed at easing tensions with Washington’s oldest ally.

“We must agree that these growing gaps are unacceptable and we must agree to work together to close them,” she added.

“The fact remains that no single nation can tackle inequality on its own. Such an important and seismic challenge demands that our world work together in solidarity.”

Macron echoed his concerns in his remarks at the conference, issuing a stern warning about the importance of demographics, which showed very different trends in the north and south of the globe.

“We cannot sustainably have a north that is aging more and more in good health and a south that has more and more children with so few prospects,” he declared.

“This will only create tension unless we put demographics – and the inequalities it creates – at the heart of our development and investment policies,” Macron said.

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