Goods Train Mows Down Elephant Calf In Uttarakhand


A case was registered under the Wildlife Protection Act against the locomotive driver (representation)


A baby elephant was killed in a collision with a freight train in the Motichoor Range of Rajaji Tiger Reserve early on Saturday.

The four-year-old baby elephant died in the collision, which occurred around 1:30 a.m., Tiger Reserve director Dharmesh Kumar Singh said.

The train was slowed down and the horn was blown when the locomotive driver saw a herd of elephants standing on the tracks a few feet away, Singh said.

Although most of the herd had left the tracks by the time the freight train stopped, the young elephant was unable to get away in time and fell under its wheels, he said.

He died instantly.

A case has been registered under the Wildlife Protection Act against the driver of the freight train locomotive, he said.


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