Diwali special: Shilpa Rao and husband Ritesh happy to celebrate with their parents after long time


It is the first Diwali of singer Shilpa Rao and her husband Ritesh Krishnan after the wedding and it will be an intimate affair for the couple. With the two groups of parents with them, Rao said things must be consciously different.

“Every Diwali it was an unspoken rule that all my friends would come home for the festival and there would be a party. But since last year, it’s different. We are lucky that both of our parents are here, it will only be family, ”the Bulleya singer (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil; 2016) said, adding that she and Krishnan are against the cracker burst. “My brother Anurag was afraid of them, so we don’t blow them up,” she tells us.

Meanwhile, Krishnan reveals that he would “look forward” to the day. “I always used to celebrate it with my mom, dad and sister. Fortunately, after 10 long years, they are here with me in Mumbai. I am very happy to be able to celebrate with them after such a long time, ”he said.

Returning to the past, Rao also remembers that she used to pray that the Festival of Lights falls on a weekday “so that we have an extended vacation.”

While the 37-year-old is happy that her parents are here, she misses her brother very much. She said: “This year, Anurag is not here, he is in Paris for higher studies. He will be sorely missed. I wish we could send him some food, maybe pack him up, but it’s not that simple. With Ritesh and our parents, I hope to have a nice day.

To make sure everyone feels special on Diwali, Rao makes a point of buying things for the day only from small vendors. “Every Diwali we wore new clothes. In fact, even now, if my parents or grandparents are not with me on Diwali, they ask me if I have a new dress. It is important for us as people to understand the relevance in order to help artists as well. You have to take this into account and understand that there should be a level playing field for everyone. You should buy diyas from local artists and support them. It is important to show solidarity on festive occasions, ”she concludes.


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