Collins Dictionary announces ‘Word of the Year 2021’; find out what it is


Collins Dictionary announced the ‘word of the year’, and it’s no surprise that TVN is at the top of the list.

“NFT, the abbreviation for” non-fungible token, “the unique digital identifier that records the ownership of a digital asset that has entered the general public and has seen millions spent on the most sought-after images and videos, has been named Collins Word of the Year 2021, ”the publisher said on his website.

Interesting way, TVN topped the word list with “11,000% increase in NFT use,” according to the dictionary team.

Another word that made the shortlist was dubbed, journalist and author David Shariatmadari revealed on Collins’ blog. “It was the year of vaccines, reflected in the fact that double vaxxed – the badge of honor worn by those who received the two doses of the jab – is part of the shortlisted Collins Word of the Year 2021 ”. Another was hybrid work as “people started going back to offices, but only for part of the week”. “An increasingly common model that many experts believe is here to stay,” the noted author said.

Meanwhile, in the wake of COP-26 and the need to act against climate change, the expression climate anxiety is also part of the list. “The climate crisis remains a concern, especially in light of this year’s COP26, so it’s no surprise that climate anxiety is on the list,” the author said.

Here is the list of other words that made the cut:

Climate anxiety: A state of distress caused by concern over climate change.
Double vaxx: Have received two vaccines against a disease.
Metaverse: A proposed version of the Internet comprising three-dimensional virtual environments.
Pingemia: Large-scale notification of members of the public through a contact tracing application.
Cheugy: Cooler or more trendy, often referencing someone or something from the 2000s.
Encryption: Abbreviation for cryptocurrency: a digital currency used for online purchases.
Hybrid: The practice of alternating between different work environments such as home and office.
Neopronom: A recently invented pronoun, specially designed to avoid gender distinctions.
In contrast to the conventional pronouns “he” and “she,” the neopronoms include “xe,” “ze” and “ve,” Shariatmadari noted in the Collins blog.
Regencycore: A dress style inspired by clothes worn in high society during the regency period (1811-20).

Last year, “containment” was added to the dictionary given the blockages linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. Lexicographers said they chose the word because it had become synonymous with the experience of people around the world.

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