Cancer Conversations: Why Do I Need a Cancer Insurance Policy?


If early detection is the key to surviving cancer, so too is early financial planning. That’s why, as part of the Conversations About Cancer launch initiative presented by The Indian Express and Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance, we’re revealing why a cancer insurance policy is imperative.

Cancer policies provide comprehensive coverage that reduces the out-of-pocket expenses you may incur after being diagnosed with the disease. Whether it’s hospital stays, medications, or treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy or hormone therapy, this policy covers it all. Conversations About Cancer, presented by The Indian Express and Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance, is an initiative that aims to raise awareness, not scare. Therefore, we have chosen to tell you why you should invest in a cancer insurance plan.

Cancer cases are on the rise

According to data from the National Cancer Registry, the number of cases in India has increased from 11.5 lakhs in 2019 to 13.9 lakhs in 2020. This means that there has been a 21% increase in just one year. These numbers are expected to increase. This should give you enough reason to consider a cancer insurance policy before you are diagnosed with it.

Cancer treatments are long and expensive

A single chemotherapy session can cost between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,000,000. And one or two sessions are not enough. The cost of radiation therapy, surgery and other treatments is just as high. You should take into account the possibility of taking time off work during treatment. This means that your income will take a hit. Add to that hospital stays, doctor’s fees, the possibility of having to travel to another city or country for treatment and the cost of cancer becomes high enough to break your bank.

General health insurance policies may not be enough

Most of the health insurance policies available in the market have limits. They usually only pay for hospitalization and rarely cover the full cost of treatment. Also, the policy amount may be insufficient as most people usually don’t choose a policy over Rs. 5,000,000 while your overall salary and care may be much higher.

Anyone Can Get Cancer

Cancer is a complex group of diseases with multiple causes. While you can avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, and watching your diet and fitness regimen, you cannot control genetics and environmental toxins. Many people who have lived healthy, clean lives without a family history of cancer end up battling the disease.

You don’t want to face financial toxicity

Studies show that stress caused by financial toxicity is counterproductive for cancer treatment. It even led people to forgo treatment because they could not afford it. A comprehensive cancer coverage plan saves you from having to deal with this stress if you are diagnosed with cancer and gives you one less worry.

Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance has become the ideal Cancer Conversations partner as it offers comprehensive cancer insurance options with maximum coverage. It also has an efficient ecosystem that will support patients and their families when needed.

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