Bhai Dooj special: Celebs celebrate special bond with their siblings


On the occasion of Bhai Dooj, the actors Karan Tacker, Anupria Goenka and Varun Sharma talk about the special bond they share with their brothers and sisters and tell us about their plans for today.

On the occasion of Bhai Dooj, celebrities talk about the special bond they share with their siblings and tell us about their plans for today.

Karan Tacker: My sister is more creative

My sister (Sasha Tacker) represents the world to me. We’ve always been close and that’s probably why neither of us feels the need to have more friends. We share everything with each other, from our personal life, including relationships with professional life. She is my oldest and I have always admired her. She’s more sociable than I am, more prone to creativity, and more emotionally aware, and I always aspire to imbue myself with these traits. I would say she is my closest friend. Our celebration of Bhai Dooj will be simple. My mom will cook puri, aloo and halwa, and we will have a little feast, as a family.

Anupria Goenka: My brother represents the world to me

The bond I share with my brother (Prashant Goenka) is special. It means the world to me. He’s the nicest, most innocent soul I’ve ever known. He has cerebral palsy. He is very special to me. He finds happiness in the happiness of others. He shows me what it’s like to be grounded, to cherish every blessing in life, and what it’s like to be patient and resilient at the same time. He depends on me, and I depend on him. In Bhai Dooj, I mostly go home and do a little puja and teeka ceremony with my brother. We end up watching movies or gossip together as a family, and I hope I do the same this time around too.

Varun Sharma: I share a close bond with my sister

I share a close bond with my sister (Nilima Sharma). When I was a child, she took me everywhere. We studied at the same boarding school in Kasauli. It was thanks to her and her friends that I felt protected at all times. She accompanied me when I moved to Mumbai. I lived with my sister until my mother joined me after I retired. I share everything, big or small, with my sister, without any filter. She got married last year, but we continue to have the same equation even now. We meet every week. Like every year, we will meet again on Bhai Dooj. Mom is going to cook a delicious sooji ka halwa for us and follow it up with a nice family dinner. We are going to play games, listen to old songs and get nostalgic for our childhood.

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