Squid Game and other K-dramas effect: Korean language trainers flooded with requests


K dramas have been popular lately, but Squid Game has literally taken OTT audiences by storm. Besides this, there are other K-Dramas such as Hospital Playlist season 2, True Beauty, and Yumi Cells that have kept locals glued to their screens. Although these shows have English subtitles and are even dubbed in English and Hindi, Delhi-NCR fans are extremely keen to watch their favorite series in Korean and this is what prompted them to learn the language. .

“We get so many requests on a daily basis. People call and say, “I’m really looking forward to learning the language because I want to watch these shows in Korean. I want to learn to understand the shows! laughs medical doctor Ashique Elahi, who runs a language center called the founder of iB language courses.

Elahi adds, “However, we tell them not to use the language just for this reason. Do this if you want to learn an additional skill. It takes a lot of dedication and time and the costs are high as well.

However, these shows are seriously addicting, explains Shikha Sharma, a data linguist at Janakpuri. “OTT platforms are a blessing for me because I enjoy one Korean show after another. Besides the most recent – Squid Game, I enjoyed many others such as Cloy, Heirs, Goblin. Here’s the deal, you can’t stop at just one Korean show. Their culture, their way of life, their feelings are so similar to what we have here in India. Because of the interest I developed in the language, I signed up for the course, took the interview and joined the KCCI, ”she says.

However, JK Singh, Marketing Manager, IICKL, says that while people can sign up after watching shows, they quickly develop an interest in the language that goes far beyond just watching Korean content on OTT. “This application for registration is the effect of Squid Game, but people are also interested in studying in Korea and doing business there. Online classes are taking place right now and we need to add a new batch every month. People were first interested in studying in Australia, UK and Canada and now Korea has become a popular destination for students, ”he says.

Banasmita Baruah, director of the Korean Academy of Arirang, said the increase in demand is such that they have to turn away students. “We have seen a massive increase, as we literally had to turn people away because the lots are full. Basically Korean shows are very easy to understand, which is why people are drawn to them, ”she said.

Rishabh Kapoor, an entrepreneur from Dwarka, is also eager to learn Korean. “So many of my friends watched Squid Game. In fact, those who didn’t care that other people were addicted to Korean dramas also watched and enjoyed it. I was the last in my group to watch the show and j “Love it. I also learned a few Korean words and that got me interested in the language as well,” he says.

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