Shilpa Shetty organises kanjak puja at home, invites kids for halwa-poori. Watch


Shilpa Shetty hosted an Ashtami puja at her home on Wednesday. She took to Instagram to share photos of little girls and boys who became “kanjaks” on the auspicious day.

The children were given stoles with “jai mata di” written on them and fed halwa, chane and poori, as is the tradition on the last two days of Navratras. Shilpa served them poor herself as they lined up for their lunch. In another video, Shilpa did the children’s art as they smiled and laughed to each other.

Shilpa Shetty during the Kanjak puja.

Shilpa has previously shared photos and videos of the Navratri celebrations at home. On Monday, she shared a video of herself, her son Viaan and daughter Samisha participating in an aarti. Sharing the video, she wrote, “My #Motivation Monday… my kids and my faith. Some things cannot just be passed on to the next generation without them seeing us do it. It is important to me that my children grow up with the same values ​​and traditions that our parents instilled in us. Sowing the seeds of faith in each of them from an early age was something I always intended to do… because I know that faith grows stronger and becomes much more ingrained as we get older. and helps us to live life in all its splendor by surrendering to the Almighty. Bliss Happy Monday to you all! “

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Shilpa and her family were in the midst of a controversy recently after her husband Raj Kundra was arrested for his alleged connection to a pornographic racketeering. After spending nearly a month in jail, Raj was released on bail.

Shilpa was silent on the matter for a while, but later said in a statement: “MY POSITION… I HAVE NOT COMMENTS YET AND I will continue to refrain from doing so in this matter as it is pending. , so please stop attributing fake quotes on my behalf. . Reiterating my philosophy as a celebrity “Never Complain, Never Explain”. All I will say is that, as this is an ongoing investigation, I have full confidence in the Mumbai Police and Indian Justice.

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