Sharib Hashmi: I didn’t enjoy the projects I did for money at all, every day I would cringe on set


Actor Sharib Hashmi talks about the financial difficulties he had to overcome during the initial phase of his career and says he doesn’t have to worry about IMEs and household expenses now. And so, he can finally focus on the quality of the projects instead of choosing them for financial reasons.

Actor Sharib Hashmi has been through pretty much every phase of his life – from doing projects just so he can make ends meet, to the freedom to focus only on quality and now worrying a lot about money. .. life is full circle for the actor.

Hashmi said, “Every actor wants to get to that stage, where they (have the freedom to) choose projects. That feeling is really amazing. Even now, [I feel that] I need an extra boost in my career.

Elaborating more, Hashmi, who rose to fame playing the character of JK in The family man franchise, reveals, “It’s really good that I can choose what I want to do and that I don’t have to worry about“ EMI kahaan se aayega, ghar ka kharcha. ”There are things we do for money, at least it settles slowly. ”

Recalling the days when he had to take on projects just for money without any creative satisfaction, he shares, “I had to do such projects in the past, mostly for financial reasons. I didn’t like doing them at all. Every day, when I went to the set, I backed up every moment. I hope and pray to god ki aage phirse dobaara aisa mauka na aaye, ki yeh cheezein karni padhein, just because the money is good.

The 45-year-old, who will be seen next in the film Majnu Mission with Sidharth Malhotra, is of the opinion that the nature of the company is such that an actor must live from project to project which sometimes gives rise to these financial problems.

“This field is so unpredictable that the level of uncertainty is very high. You don’t know what’s going to happen the next day, ”concludes Hashmi.

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