On a sweet note


Like an orange rasgulla or a guava mysurupak? Shoppers are introducing new, experimental sweets and vermicelli to their festive roster in hopes of increasing sales this Diwali.

Krishna Jalbi Kadhai

(Kodambakkam and Mahalingapuram)

Established in 1985 by MP Jagadeesan in Pollachi, it was renamed as Krishna Jelabi Kadai in 2007. It was launched in September 2019 in Chennai with a branch in Kodambakkam. J Navaneeta Krishnan, Proprietor, says, “We make unusual sweets and namkeens in one pocket- cost friendly. Our specialty items in sweets are Orange Rasgulla, Jackfruit Mysorepak, Guava Mysorepak, Sevvazhai (Red Banana) Mysorepak, Natu Sakrai (Country) of sugar) ragi badam laddus, natu sakrai kambu (pearl millet, badam ladoos, and a pudding jaggery) and coconut milk.”

The famous Pollachi Ilaneer (tender coconut) pudding made using the cream of coconut and coconut water is also available here. In their savories section, they have Ginger Cashew Thattai, Mixture (only with salt, pepper and chili flakes flavoured), Shallot Murukku and Karsev.

on a sweet note

Krishnan says: “We prepare our snacks home-style: by soaking rice and then grinding it, and then using peanut oil and ghee. We offer four festive hampers.” He says that jalebi or imarti (called jangri in some parts of Tamil Nadu) is one of the most popular traditional sweets in Tamil Nadu, and is still one of the fastest selling sweets in the Pollachi region – which is why His father had named the shop Jalebi Kadai. . Over there they have a North Indian-style jalebi made of karupatti, regular sugar-based jangri and spicy jangari sprinkled with chili flakes.

Shipped all over India. To order call: 9600920307

Ganga Sweets

(multiple branches)

Known for the consistent quality of its sweets and namkeens, Ganga Sweets (established in 1992) has 36 branches in the city. Proprietor Senthil Kumar says corporate bookings have improved this year. “Everything is looking normal this year and we expect an increase in sales closer to the festival,” says Senthil, adding that the price of ghee, oil and dry fruits have gone up, but we are trying to keep the cost affordable for all. are. “

on a sweet note

“Usually for Diwali, the demand for Adhirasam, Laddu, Badusha, Mysorepak, Jangri, Murukku, Mixture and Karsev is high,” he says. Cashew cakes made of cashews, sugar and ghee and the special Kaju Badam Katli are popular here. A bestseller till date has been their Dry Fruit Sweet Combo Pack.

To place your order, call: 9952253333

Sri Srinivas Food Products


Famous in the Naganallur neighborhood known for its coffee powder, this city-based business prepares to make sweets and snacks every year during Diwali.

They have been doing this for 13 years and this time, new items have been introduced: Cashew Coconut Laddu, Tirunelveli Halwa, Coconut Barfi and Nagercoil Nendrum Chips.

on a sweet note

Proprietor Shanmuga Rajkumar says, “We always bring four ‘masters’ from Thanjavur to prepare the sweets, usually Adhirasam, Badusha, Jangri and Laddu. When it comes to namkeen, it is always Ribbon Pakoda, Thattai, Thankuzhal. , Kara boondi and mix hota hai.” This year they have already received a huge number of pre-orders. Sweets and snacks are prepared at Perungudi’s godown, and family members handle the packing and sales at the counter. Huh.

The store is located at 30, 3rd Street, Thillai Ganga Nagar, Nanganallur. Call: 9884620422

Setu Foundation

(T Nagar)

Sethu Foundation, a Chennai-based non-profit organization, has come up with GRT Grand for fundraising this year through Diwali hampers.

The hampers they offer come with a choice of sweets and snacks, and a portion of the proceeds from their sales will be contributed to various development programs – such as its Consciousness program, under which the foundation provides 500 children with creative arts and crafts. Teaches spoken English, handwriting, and more.

on a sweet note

There are two different hampers, premium and traditional. The Premium is priced at ₹2,500 and comes with one kilogram of blended baklava sweets like kunafa and gulab ki barfi as well as French macarons and one kilogram of South Indian namkeen mixes like Butter Murukku and Ribbon Pakora. The cost of a traditional hamper is ₹ 1,750 for a kilogram assortment of Mysorepack, laddu, badusha and cashew cakes and one kilogram of traditional vermicelli. While Setu Foundation has curated namkeen and sweets, GRT has put together Baklava hampers.

In GRT Grand, T Nagar. For pre-order, call: 9884307150.


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