‘Not much of a difference, except 15kgs lesser now’: A look at Khushbu Sundar’s incredible weight loss journey


It’s never too late to start practice, and celebrities have often led the way and inspired many people to adopt healthy practices. As such, the last actor to jump on the fitness movement and sharing her amazing weight loss transformation is Khushbu Sundar.

The actress, who is very active on social media and shares snippets from her daily life, recently took to Instagram to reveal details of her weight loss that stunned her friends, fans and followers.

“So and now! Not much of a difference except 15 kg less now, ”she captioned the post which contained two photos of her – before and after the weight loss.

Recently, a photo of the political actor, wearing a jazzy black jumpsuit and an ornate headband, went viral. She captioned it: “When hard work pays off, happiness can’t be explained.”

About nine weeks ago, she also shared a selfie in a saree. “When hard work finally pays off. #weightlossgoal #fitnessmotivation, ”she captioned the post. In the comments, she revealed that she “has been training for two hours and is in power control“.

Talk to Asianet Newsable, the actor shared that when she started training, she weighed 93 kilos in November 2020. “I’m 79 now and I want to reduce another 10 kilos to reach the goal of 69”, a- she said in August 2021.

In a Twitter post in June 2020, she said: “Many ask me the reason for my transformation. Blame it on the lockdown… no help for 70 days… did all the homework on his own; sweeping, dusting, wiping, doing the dishes, doing laundry, gardening and cleaning the toilets too. Of course, training (yoga+ board) played a major role. And I’m not a big eater.

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