Neerja and Aarya director Ram Madhvani: I’m just trying to turn mediocre work into acceptable work


His cinema Neerja (2016) won the National Film Award and its webcast Aarya won an International Emmy nomination for Best Drama Series. Yet filmmaker R Madhvani likes to think he is “struggling” and “trying to work hard.”

He says, “I’m just trying to turn poor work into acceptable work. Sometimes my acceptable becomes the good of others. That’s what I’m here for, I’m just trying to make it happen.

After Neerja, it took him four years to get out Aarya. And after more than a year, his next – web film Dhamaka with Kartik Aaryan – due out next month. Ask him why he’s not around to produce content frequently, and Madhvani laughs, “It’s not of my own choosing… you have to ask these actors. They have the power of green light.

More seriously, he specifies: “The cinema is not in my power. It is really in the power of the universe. Jab kuch baat hoti hai, banti hai na, it’s a miracle. When something happens, it’s because the universe wanted it and protects it. I’m not saying this out of lies, but I really found out that it takes me a long time and a lot of struggle [to bring out projects]. It’s like climbing a mountain, and I’ve seen it in my own career – landslides, frostbite, people pushing me off the mountain – but as I keep climbing, I don’t descend below the mountain. base camp. I get there and start over. Sometimes I don’t even do with proper clothes so I feel very cold and frozen emotionally but it’s not something in my hands. These things just happen.

Madhavni also clarifies that just because he gets so immersed in writing stories doesn’t mean that projects are taking longer than usual to complete.

“I am constantly working. Currently, I have written six scripts, with dialogs, which are there on the shelf. But it depends on how it all goes. There are times when I also run away if I find the vaatavaran now to be quite what I would like. And there are times when I would like to do something but it doesn’t happen, ”he notes, revealing that Aarya took nine years before it was done while Dhamaka only took one. “Now the next one might take three months,” he jokes, adding, “So it’s not really that I’m demanding.”

That being said, Madhvani is quick to share that he prefers to be different. “I’m picky about having some creative control – not in a bad way; I’m very collaborative, but at the same time there has to be some ownership and commitment that has to happen. And that reassures me in return, ”he concludes.

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