“Me Paisa Bohat Kama Sakta Hun”: Man Tells Paytm CEO In Hilarious Email


Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma shared an email he received.

Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma receives bizarre emails often, and he shared one on Twitter last night. The email, from a man seeking funding for his start-up idea, is a study on how not to write pitch decks. It starts with the man explaining that he has studied more in the past eight months – from Socrates to Newton to Swami Vivekanand – than he has in 18 years of school. He then goes on to speak eloquently about his two rules of life, his confidence that he can build a trillion dollar business, and the importance of money before it comes to the point of e- mail – his goal of building the world’s first toy company.

Sir me paisa to bohat kama sakta hu trillion dollar business – textile, telecommunications, real estate beer alcohol jaisa hazaro steel etc. (Sir, I can make a lot of money, I can start a trillion dollar business in textiles, telecommunications, real estate, etc.), “the man wrote in his email.”Aaj k samay air, water, friends, family k baad important hai to paisa (money) hai (In our time, money is the most important after air, water, friends and family), “he continued.

He then reveals the reason he wrote to Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma: “Mera aim hai the world’s No. 1 toy company (Nxt level). ”

“My goal is to build the world’s first (top tier) toy company,” he told Sharma.

To that end, the man revealed, he applied for funding from five venture capitalists by calling them, texting them and emailing them, but no one agreed to fund his idea.

The fundraiser goes on to explain that if he had a trillion dollars and someone asked him for 0.01%, he would easily give it away. In his characteristic rambling style, he then begins to talk about the problem of the Indian economy: “India me kisi k pass paisa hi nhi hai jiske pass hai bo deta nhi (neta log)“- which roughly translates to” No one in India has any money. And those who have it (politicians) don’t want to part with it. “

Sharing the email on Twitter, Mr Sharma asked his followers if they would part with 0.01% of a trillion dollars if they had the money. He also added the hashtag #mails_I_get

Mr. Sharma followed him up with another gem from his inbox. In the second email, a man from Hyderabad explains his dream of creating a “progress report” app for small business owners, similar to school report cards distributed to schoolchildren.

“Sir, we’ll have 100 million paying users,” he says, explaining how that would lead to $ 24 billion in revenue each year without offering any statistics, numbers or history to back up his projection.

The emails amused many on the microblogging platform, racking up hundreds of likes, comments and retweets.

It’s safe to assume that these budding entrepreneurs won’t hear from Mr. Sharma, but if you’re looking for funding for a start-up, you can check out Ratan Tata’s pitch deck template to help start-up entrepreneurs here. .

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