‘Making movies, motherhood, and me time is multitasking mayhem’: Soha Ali Khan shares a day in her life


Everyone regularly juggles many responsibilities, whether it’s personal work or professional commitments.

As such, providing insight into his “Maniacal Monday” was the actor Soha Ali Khan who shared a video that simply summed up a day in her life. In it, she was seen wading through a long and tiring Monday that required her to drop off and pick up her daughter from school, exercising, spending time with friends, traveling, to shoot and more.

“It’s just another manic Monday,” Soha captioned the video. “Making films, motherhood and me time is multitasking mayhem! Welcome to a day in my life, ”she added.

Interestingly, the post with over 7,000 likes received rave reviews with users expressing how relevant its post was.

One user shared “The Shadow of Every Woman,” while another said, “Thank you for sharing this Soha. It shows that all women are more or less in the same boat and that we need to support each other. More power and happiness!

Soha has been very active on social media and regularly shares updates on her daily life, from fitness posts to time spent with family.

Do you have too much on your plate?

Here are some general tips that may help you

* It is good to start by settling realistic goals and dividing your time into priority.
* Group tasks together whenever possible.
* Have a steady pace.
* Avoid distractions.
* Rest when you think your body and mind need it.

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