Jesy Neslon faces criticism for ‘blackfishing’: Here’s what the word means


English singer and former Little Mix star Jesy Nelson has been slammed for ‘fishing on the black’ after the video for her debut single was released Boyz.

“Black fishing” refers to the act of pretending to be black or mixed race, for profit, business or to raise awareness, according to “Black fishing” can be practiced in a number of ways – changing one’s appearance by appropriating the style of black people, from hairstyle to make-up. It is considered very offensive to the community.

“Blackfishing” reportedly became a buzzword around 2018 when Twitterati posted before and after photos of white models wearing dark makeup and traditionally black hairstyles.

In her latest video, Nelson is tanned and her hair is styled in wigs and braids. She wears basketball shorts and gold teeth.

However, rap sensation Nicki Minaj, who also appears in Nelson’s latest video, recently defended the singer against ‘fishing’ allegations. “You all have to stop,” she said on Instagram.

In an Instagram live, Nelson also explained that she was in a “group with two women of color for nine years”, referring to her music group, and yet the subject was never brought up earlier.

“There are a lot of women here in the United States who tan, have bigger lips. I wear straight blonde hair whenever I want, ”added Nicki Minaj, as quoted by BBC.

Nelson added, “My intention is never to offend people of color with this video and my song.”

This is not the first time that a celebrity has been criticized for “black fishing”. In January this year, Kim Kardashian received criticism on social media after tweeting a video in which her hand appeared to be lighter in tone than the rest of the body. While some criticized her for her “fishing for the black”, others thought she was denying her real skin tone.

In 2020, singer and songwriter Rita Ora, who has spoken often of her Albanian heritage, was charged with “black fishing” for wearing her hair in braids and an Affro.

The same year, Selena Gomez was also criticized for darkening her skin during a shoot for a magazine. She also sported long braids.

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