How to make Diwali stress-free for your pets


Diwali can be a stressful time for your pets, due to all the air pollution and noise. Shattering crackers can overwhelm pets, causing them to shake and behave in a restless manner. So pet parents have a responsibility to make the day stress free for them, and if you need some kind of initiation, here’s some help. veterinarian Dr Pranjal Khandare, who has treated over 5,000 pets so far, said pet parents are noticing strange behaviors in their pets at the start of the season of Diwali. “Hiding under the sofa, unusual barking, loss of appetite, tremors and even tremors are displayed behaviors during this time.”

The doctor, however, shares some simple tips on how to make this day stress free and happy for our pets; Keep reading to find out.

1. Go for a walk early in the morning

No one shoots fireworks at 6 a.m. This gives you the perfect opportunity to take your pet for a peaceful walk. Try to get your pet used to this time a few days before Diwali so as not to disrupt his routine. Morning walks will tire your pet so that he can sleep more peacefully.

2. Keep calm and relax

“Our pets can always smell and know how we feel. It is important to remain calm and stress free so that they also feel relaxed. When your pet is anxious about loud noises, try not to pamper him and be extra careful, instead pretending everything is normal. Play games and keep them entertained, ”says Kushal Chipkar, head of dog training at

Anti-anxiety oils like hemp seed oil or cannabis leaf extract oil can be extremely beneficial for anxious animals. (Photo: Getty / Thinkstock)

3. Prepare in advance

As Diwali season approaches, start preparing to minimize stress on your pet ahead of time. Start getting your pet used to the sound of firecrackers by playing the sounds in your home. Start playing at low volume. Start slowly and increase the intensity gradually. Consult a veterinarian, behaviorist, or trainer and ask for advice and medication that can help your pet relax. Go for classes and classes to reduce anxiety, get earmuffs, and put together a soothing music playlist. Keep a first aid kit, especially stocked with antiemetic drugs.

4. Make your home even more comfortable

* Create a cozy corner dedicated to your pets. Fill that space with soft blankets, their favorite toys and treats.
* Close all your doors, windows and draw the curtains in the evening and at night, it will minimize the noise of firecrackers and block the flashing light.
* If you can, consider soundproofing one of the rooms in your house.
* Many pet parents buy air purifiers as pollution increases during this time and causes health problems.

5. Use anti-anxiety oils and medications

Anti-anxiety oils like hemp seed oil or cannabis leaf extract oil can be extremely beneficial for anxious animals. A common myth among pet parents is that these oils make pets ‘high’ and therefore create a calming effect. But in reality, cannabis and hemp do not cause psychoactive effects on pets. To be sure, choose one without additives and made with 100% natural ingredients.

6. Choose a pension

If you are expecting too many guests and you know your pet will be anxious around them, register him at a boarding house or daycare where he can be looked after by a professional.

Last but not the least, don’t leave your pet alone.

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