Diana Penty can’t get over her Shimla trip. Us too, Diana, us too


Diana Penty basks in the memories of an extraordinary journey. We tell each other, because we have all been where after coming back from an extraordinary trip, we feel confused for a few days. And so, we keep coming back to those photos and videos to get the lingering aftertaste of the trip. Well, Diana is in this phase right now.

The actor, who has just returned from the hills, struggles not to continue sharing a slew of photos and videos of his travels on his Instagram profile. Well, we’re not complaining, because the images also create major travel vibes for us.

On Thursday, Diana took a trip down memory lane a few days ago and not too late picked up a compilation of videos of herself from the trip to Himachal Pradesh to post on her Instagram profile. The video perfectly captures a cheerful Diana in the towers of the hills, having the most fun.

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Diana, on her trip to the hills, did it all – pose like a diva on her balcony and spend some time with the hills and her tea indulging in a bowl of maggi in the sun, surrounded by the hills.

On Thursday, however, she posted a love letter to the hills and only to the hills. In the video, Diana can be seen opening the door to her living room to get out. Only that she was greeted by the picturesque snow-capped mountains. In the last part of the video, Diana can be seen dancing in the valley with the hills as a backdrop. “Okay, the last one, I promise!” But hey… those mountains, ”Diana wrote.


Diana is in a bit of a mood on Thursday and we fully understand. The actor also fell in love with the hills. Having experienced the first frosts in Himachal Pradesh, Diana changed the saying – Love at first sight – and wrote: “Love at the sight of frost”. +

Diana’s photos and videos give us a great FOMO trip and almost push us to plan our next trip. BRB, making our next travel itinerary.

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