China State Organs Carrying Out Systemic Repression Of Uyghurs: Report


Mass internment of Uyghurs was first reported in 2017 (File)

Canberra, Australia:

A new report released last week by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) details the role of several Chinese government agencies in leading a crackdown in Xinjiang province.

An 82-page research report reveals China’s systematic attempt to suppress Uyghur culture, identity and people. It is the latest in a growing body of evidence documenting large-scale human rights violations in the Uyghur region.

The report draws on unpublished documents, local language sources, including police records and budget documents obtained by scratching Chinese government websites.

“Since the mass internment of Uyghurs was first reported in 2017, an abundance of literature has documented ongoing human rights violations in Xinjiang. a small number of entities or individuals have been identified for their involvement, ”the report said.

The report highlights the “whole-of-government, whole-of-society approach” to the crackdown in Xinjiang, citing an impressive number of offices and officials involved in its repressive policies. “They include obscure agencies such as the Forestry Bureau which handled the accounts of the Kashgar city re-education camps for a year.”

A multi-party alliance of parliamentarians from democratic countries called on democratic states to take urgent and coordinated action to protect Uyghurs and other ethnic and religious minorities in the Uyghur region.


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