Ami Patel: Can you wear statement sleeves for Zoom meetings?


How To Be Ready To Zoom, Get The Most Out Of Your Wardrobe Because Your Sense Of Style Is To Be Accountable

Power Sleeves

Are power sleeves still in fashion? And will they look weird on a Zoom call?

—Anju Mishra, Bombay

Yes, you can wear electric sleeves to make a statement on a Zoom call as they are very fashionable. Pair them with minimal accessories like hoops or delicate layered chains. And play with multiple styles. Short sleeve, elbow length, full power. Wearing them actually gives you a sense of empowerment and that’s what fashion is.

Ami Patel is a famous fashion stylist, image consultant and teacher with the Art of Living

From Brunch HT, October 10, 2021

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