“Always Grateful” To Party High Command For “Facilitating” Me: Navjot Singh Sidhu


Navjot Sidhu shared a video on his Twitter account discussing various Punjab related issues (File)

Punjabi Congressman Navjot Singh Sidhu said on Wednesday he was always grateful to the party’s high command for “facilitating” it, even though he said there “can never be any compromise”.

He added that those who understand his “ishq” (love) for the Punjab will never bring any charges against him.

Mr Sidhu shared a video of himself on his Twitter account, discussing various issues related to the Punjab.

“I have ” ishq ” with Punjab. What is the meaning of ” Ishq ”? People think it is something physical. No ….. It breaks all relationships and c “is the kind of my” Ishq “for Punjab. Those who understand my” Ishq “for Punjab will never make any allegations against me,” he said.

“Wherever my merit has been ignored. In politics 5 can be made out of 50 and 50 can be made into zero,” he said.

“You have to be facilitated and what is being done by the high command. I will always be grateful to them. But how do you move forward with compromises? This system stands like a monster and bites you,” he said.

He also spoke about the fight against corruption and insisted on increasing the resources and revenues of the state.

“The solution to every Punjab problem is income,” he said.

Amid the factional feud in the Punjabi Congress, Sidhu will meet with AICC General Secretary Harish Rawat and top party leader KC Venugopal on October 14 for a discussion on organizational issues related to the unity of State of the party.

Mr Sidhu was appointed leader of the Punjab Congress in July despite strong opposition from then-chief minister Amarinder Singh.

However, Mr Sidhu had resigned last month as head of the Punjab Congress and also raised a question about the appointments of the Director General of Police, State Attorney General and “corrupt” leaders. .

Later, the party decided to form a coordination group for consultation before making important decisions by the government led by Charanjit Singh Channi.


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