24-Year-Old From Turkey Confirmed As World’s Tallest Living Woman


Rumeysa Gelgi is 7 feet and 0.7 inches tall

Rumeysa Gelgi from Turkey becomes the tallest living woman in the world with a height of 215.16cm (7ft 0.7in). Ms. Gelgi, 24, broke Guinness World Records for the second time. In 2014, at the age of 18, she was named the tallest teenage girl alive by Guinness World Records. Ms. Gelgi’s condition is caused by a very rare disease. She suffers from Weaver syndrome, which accelerates growth. The condition also causes other abnormalities like skeletal maturation. Ms. Gelgi mainly uses a wheelchair. But she can also walk for short periods with a walker.

Weaver syndrome is a rare genetic mutation. In a video released by Guinness World Records, Ms Gelgi said she was the first case of the disease in Turkey to her knowledge. She also said: “I was born with serious physical illnesses, such as scoliosis. And I am also a physically disabled person, who is mainly in a wheelchair and I can only ask with my walker.

Ms. Gelgi confessed to being bullied as a child. But she received a lot of support from her family. She also said that although people are intrigued by her, most strangers who passed her on the street were nice to her.

Guinness World Records shared the post, citing it in the caption, “Being different isn’t that bad. It can make you achieve things you never imagined before.”

The video recorded more than 3 Lakh views on the social media platform. Internet users praised Ms. Gelgi for her incredible journey.

“She’s inspiring and amazing,” wrote one netizen.

One person wrote, “Wow. Incredible story “.

“Bless you, Mrs. Gelgi. I always wish you continued health and prosperity, ”one comment read.

A USA Today report quoted Craig Glenday, editor of Guinness World Records, “His indomitable spirit and his pride in standing out from the crowd is inspiring. The tallest category of living woman is not the one who changes hands very often. , so I am delighted to share this news with the world. “

The report also mentioned how Ms. Gelgi spread awareness and understanding of weaver syndrome.

Meanwhile, the tallest living man on Earth is also from Turkey. Sultan Kosen, according to Guinness World Records, is just over 8 feet tall. However, Mr. Kosen’s height is caused by a brain tumor that affected his hypothalamus.

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