When Samantha Akkineni said Naga Chaitanya fell in love with her despite seeing her make ‘horrible mistakes’


Samantha Akkineni, during an appearance on Feet Up With The Stars (Telugu) in 2019, praised Naga Chaitanya and called him “husband material”. Host Lakshmi Manchu also ended up revealing that they were in a relationship before they tied the knot.

“Chay is completely material husband. He saw me from nothing. I remember I didn’t have the money to call my mom from the United States. I picked up his phone and called home. Chay saw me from that to that, so how can it be anyone else, right? Everyone only half knows me, ”Samantha told Lakshmi of Chaitanya.

“As a human being too he has seen me make the most horrible mistakes,” Samantha said, adding that it was a big deal “for people to love you despite the things you are not proud of. “.

Later, Lakshmi asked Samantha to name three things she added to the bedroom after marrying Chaitanya. As Samantha chuckled, Lakshmi said, “I can’t say you lived together before…” The two laughed and Lakshmi said to Samantha, “You only dug your grave.”

Lakshmi rephrased his question: “Being single with a man, what are the differences in the bedroom?” Samantha replied, “Chay is married to her pillow.” Even if I have to give him a hug, the pillow is still between us. He’ll kill me if I say more. I think I have said enough.


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Samantha and Chaitanya got married in 2017. Reports suggest their marriage has been going through a rough patch and that they are on the verge of divorce. Although neither of them commented on the rumors, she removed the Akkineni last name from her social media accounts and changed her name to “S”.

Earlier this month, as Samantha left the Tirumala temple, a reporter asked her to comment on rumors of her separation from Chaitanya. “Gudiki vachanu, buddhi unda (I came to a temple, don’t you make any sense)? She said, pointing to her head.

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