Telangana Minister KTR On Viral Video Of 12-Year-Old Newspaper Boy


KT Rama Rao shared a video of a boy delivering newspapers in Jagtial town.

A video of a 12-year-old boy from Jagtial town in Telangana caught the attention of Minister of State KT Rama Rao (KTR). In the viral clip, the boy is seen delivering newspapers while riding a bicycle. When a passer-by asked him why he was working, the boy replied that he was working at the same time as he was studying. Sharing the clip, KTR wrote, “I loved this video from Jagtial Town. This young boy, a public school student called Sri Prakash; loved his confidence, his composure and his clarity of thought and expression.

When asked why he delivered newspapers, Sri Prakash replied in Telugu: “Why not me? He was then asked about his studies and Sri Prakash was quick to respond. “Along with my studies, I also work. If I do it now, it will only help me in the future, ”he said. He is a class 6 student.

After KTR shared the video, it went viral. The article has garnered over 200,000 views so far.

After the video, Sai Prakash told local media that he had been a newspaper delivery boy since he was in third grade and that his brother had worked as a newspaper delivery person before him. He added that former APJ President Abdul Kalam, who also worked as a newspaper delivery boy as a child, was his inspiration.

Responding to the minister’s tweets, several users praised the boy. One user said, “We should teach our next generation the same thing: the dignity of work.”

“He has a bright future. God bless him, ”another user said.

“This boy has shown great maturity,” wrote one user.

Others also pointed out that it could still be considered child labor. “It’s not a good age for a child to work and earn even if he wants to,” suggests a scholarship.

“While the video is inspiring and adorable, in the end, it’s child labor,” one comment read.

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