Paytm CEO Tweeted About His 7-Hour Zoom Call And The Reactions Were Pure Gold


Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma tweeted about a Zoom call that lasted more than 7 hours.

Leading an organization of over 13,000 employees can’t be easy, so it’s no surprise that Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma often finds himself sitting in long work meetings. But recently, even he was surprised by the length of a Zoom call that lasted almost the entire duration of a typical workday. In the time it took Mr. Sharma to wrap up this call, you can fly from Delhi to Dubai – and vice versa. It was, in his own words, “probably the longest Zoom call” that lasted seven hours and 45 minutes.

“I just finished my probably the longest Zoom call ever. [sic]”, he wrote Monday on Twitter, revealing that the duration of the call was of” 7 hours 45 minutes “.

His tweet racked up nearly 3,500 likes and a ton of amused comments.

Many Twitter users weren’t impressed – remembering the time when they spent hours talking on the phone with their crushes.

In that time, you can complete an entire semester in online courses, another joked.

Or watch Sholay as well as Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham – the two films that lasted over three hours

Some worried about the person taking the meeting minutes

Zoom the call? More like a “Zoom Marathon”

But there were also those who took issue with Mr. Sharma glorifying long working hours.

And many also wondered if the call was related to Paytm’s upcoming IPO.

According to Bloomberg, Paytm, the national leader in digital payments, has filed its preliminary offer documents, aiming to raise up to 166 billion rupees ($ 2.2 billion). If it reaches that level, the IPO would be the largest ever launched by the country.

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