Nikita Rawal on getting robbed at gunpoint in Delhi: I am gathering courage to come back to file FIR


Actor Nikita Rawal had a heart-wrenching experience in Delhi last week when she had lakhs stolen at gunpoint on her way back to her relative’s home, after which she took the first flight to the departure from the national capital.

The actor had come to Delhi for an event and was returning to his aunt’s residence in Shastri Nagar on Sunday when the mentioned incident occurred.

“It was around 10 o’clock in the evening when the incident took place. I was walking towards my aunt’s house when an Innova came at high speed and stopped my vehicle, then four masked men got out of the car. They showed me a gun and asked me to give them whatever I was carrying with me. Even talking about the incident troubles me right now, ”Rawal shares.

The actor had his rings, watch, earring, diamond pendant and money stolen, including part of his event’s advance, with a total value of around more than ??7 lakh.

“At the time, I thought they were going to kill me and feared ke kahin mera viol na karde, despite the fact that they took all my belongings. I cannot express in words what I experienced during these 10 minutes. I rushed home and locked the house. I flew to Mumbai the next morning because I didn’t feel very safe, ”she tells us.

The Hero – Abhimanyu (2009) the actor continues: “I did not even wait to file a formal complaint. I contacted a lawyer to file a complaint after reaching Mumbai. Police officials say I have to be there to file an FIR, and just on behalf of pe koi nahi kar sakta. I plan to go there soon, but himat aa jaye to chali jaungi.

“At the moment, I am very disturbed, in fact I have not been able to eat or sleep properly since the incident. I’m glad to be safe. My family members also try to calm me down by saying that life is more important than anything materialistic, ”she concludes.


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