Kamala Harris “Source Of Inspiration For Many Around The World”: PM Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said US Vice President Kamala Harris was “an inspiration”.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday that US Vice President Kamala Harris was an “inspiration” to so many around the world, as he expressed his gratitude to her for being so warm and natural during their visit. conversation as India went through a devastating crisis. second wave of COVID-19.

Prime Minister Modi made comments during a joint press appearance with Harris at the White House.

“Your election as Vice President of the United States has been such an important and historic event. You are the inspiration to so many people around the world,” Modi said.

Harris, 56, is the first-ever person of Indian descent to be elected Vice President of the United States.

“I am so convinced that under President Joe Biden and your leadership, our bilateral relations will reach new heights,” he said.

The Prime Minister also invited Harris to visit India.

“Continuing your journey to victory, the Indians would also want you to continue this in India and wait for you to come to India and therefore I extend an invitation to you to visit India,” he said.

Recalling his conversation with Harris in June during the second wave of the pandemic in India, he said: “A few months ago we had the opportunity to talk to each other on the phone. We had a detailed discussion at that time and the way you spoke to me so warmly and naturally I will always remember. “

“It has been a very difficult time. India has been facing the second wave of the pandemic but as a family, the feeling of kinship and so warmly you have reached out.

“The words you chose when you spoke to me I will always remember and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart,” he said.

“As a true friend, you had given a message of cooperation and full of sensitivity and we immediately saw that the US government, the business sector and the Indian community all came together to help India,” he said. he declares.

Harris was born to two immigrant parents – a black father and an Indian mother. Her father, Donald Harris, was from Jamaica and her mother Shyamala Gopalan was a cancer researcher and civil rights activist from Chennai.


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