Happy Engineers Day : Top 5 skills required for software engineers in 2021


Technology is changing rapidly, and software engineers are no longer enough to have a limited skill set. There is no precise way to say how the industry will innovate in the future. The future of engineering is constantly changing due to technology and engineers must be prepared to embrace these changes. Adaptation and retraining will be essential parts of career growth in the times to come. It will help improve work efficiency and build confidence while applying for jobs. In addition, they offer better negotiating power in compensation matters.

Companies often prefer candidates with multiple skills. So here is a list of five of those in-demand tech skills that will help you become a valuable asset to any business in 2021.

1. Coding and programming

Coding and programming are essential to software engineering. Nowadays, almost all fields need coders or programmers because such is the integration of technology in our daily life. The ability to code and understand the latest programming languages ​​like Python will set you apart from the rest. When you have a good understanding of the code, you can help and coordinate different projects. To advance coding skills, one can enroll in a short coding program online.

2. Data analysis

Data analysis plays an important role in the business development of many companies. It helps them make better business decisions. Analyzing data for market research, product positioning, customer reviews, sentiment analysis or any other issue provides the information the business needs to make the right choice. It is an important part of the business. Data-driven choices make organizations confident. Therefore, companies in retail, manufacturing, technology companies, real estate, etc., value employees who have knowledge of data analysis.

3. Project management

Project management includes responsibilities such as leadership qualities, division of labor, scheduling work to meet deadlines, etc. Project management also needs skills such as quality control, budget management, coordination with resources, etc. A good project manager is one who, in addition to managerial skills, also has technical knowledge.

4. Data science

Combining domain expertise, programming skills, knowledge of math and statistics to gain meaningful insight is data science. It is widely used in the healthcare and retail industries to create a purchase history for the e-commerce industries. In the healthcare industry, data science helps alert people to health issues and track their blood pressure, step count, calorie count, etc.

Data scientists perform data analysis and most of the time they will be spent researching and reorganizing data. Knowledge of coding languages ​​such as Python, R, SQL, etc. along with data visualization certainly adds value to the portfolio.

5. Cloud computing

One of the cutting edge technologies we are working on today is cloud computing. It deals with infrastructure and helps to understand how to work with different networks. Most businesses use online networks to store, process, and manage information. Thus, having knowledge of Azure, AWS and Google will be an added advantage in finding high paying IT jobs.

In today’s competitive environment, where technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, there is a need to hone skills and keep abreast of the advancements to come. Find what interests you and look for a course that will improve your skills in the same direction. Whatever course you take, you need to make sure you have a working knowledge of the skill – it should be an experiential learning program. It will ensure that you have all the skills and confidence you need to improve your employability and carve out a place for yourself in the job market.

(Author Narayan Mahadevan is CEO and Founder of BridgeLabz. The opinions expressed here are personal)


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