Actor Nikita Rawal robbed of ₹7 lakh at gunpoint in Delhi says ‘locked myself in wardrobe’


  • Actor Nikita Rawal was held hostage at gunpoint at his aunt’s residence in Delhi and robbed. Read on for more details.


Actor Nikita Rawal was detained at gunpoint and robbed from ??7 lakh by some men wearing masks. Nikita Rawal was in Shastri Nagar in Delhi, at her aunt’s residence when she was robbed.

The actor told Pinkvilla: “I still can’t get out of this trauma and I can’t believe I’m alive. I would have died if I hadn’t fought it. I literally locked myself in it. wardrobe to save me..I was home alone. My aunt wasn’t there either. It was the most traumatic incident of my life. ” A complaint has been lodged with the police and an investigation is underway.

Nikita Rawal recently made headlines when she reacted to the arrest of producer Raj Kundra and also said that Shilpa Shetty’s name was unnecessarily dragged into the case. She told Lehren TV: “I know Raj Kundra through mutual friends. I have met him 3-4 times in the past. I am shocked to hear the news. But I saw his WhatsApp chats posted by Mumbai Police and what the police say. If he’s running this racket, then it’s very sad. He has everything in life. You don’t have to do all of these things. If he is the culprit, he will be punished.

She added: “I know her personally. His name is being dragged out excessively. I understand that they are both husband and wife, but they have different careers. We all know that Shilpa worked too much in the film industry and now his image is tarnished. We should keep her out of it all.

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Born and raised in Mumbai, Nikita Rawal began her showbiz journey in 2007 and has worked in films such as Mr Hot Mr Cool, The Hero Abhimanyu and Amma Ki Boli.



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