New Delhi:

Fugitive diamond man Mehul Choksi planned to escape to Cuba via Dominica, his alleged girlfriend Barbara Jabarica said Wednesday.

Barbara Jabarica revealed that Mehul Choksi told her to meet in Cuba next time, she told the ANI news agency in an exclusive interview.

“Well, he never used words like escape or shared a plan like this with me. However, he asked me twice if I had ever been to Cuba, he also told me that next time we could meet in Cuba. He never explained the escape plan. But I am sure that Dominica is not the ideal of its final destination but if you ask my opinion, I can be more and more sure that Cuba could have been its final destination, ”Bárbara Jabarica told ANI.

In his recent complaint to the Antigua Police Commissioner, Mehul Choksi claimed that he was attacked by eight to 10 men while on his way to meet Barbara Jabarica, with whom he claimed to have “friendly terms.”

Interestingly, Mehul Choksi was allegedly kidnapped during a breakfast with Barbara Jabarica.

She told ANI, “He (Mehul Choksi) hinted at messages like a yacht and if he goes to other Caribbean islands, Cuba then there is something that he must be planning for a later stage, that is one of my opinions also that he He said he was doing a lot of meditation and like last month someone visiting from New York and they have their own guru and they did meditation and he also told me this on Sunday during the breakfast meeting that he is practicing so he doesn’t have any feeling of fear and then That day you have this kidnapping situation, the story begins to stick together. “

Barbara Jabarica’s claim reinforces the theory that Mehul Choksi planned to escape to Cuba. However, his family and lawyers disqualified him and accused Barbara Jabarica of plotting the kidnapping of Mehul Choksi.

In response to this, Barbara Jabarica said: “This week onwards I am trying to catch up with the media and all the news, I am listening and reading a lot of interesting nonsense and crazy stories, looking back at what they initially said, what the lawyer and My wife said at the beginning I think he said he was driving in Jolly Harbor. He was on his way to dinner. I think that was the first statement and they blamed the Antigua police. A little later they started with Indian agents, who wanted to kidnap him, and again later, the idea was that he came to my apartment, lured him in, forced him, and then he was caught by a person or a policeman that he knows. “

“I think so far the stories are changing. Of course, I am very shocked and speechless. I am trying to understand why they want to include me in this story. Why do they use my name? What is really the idea? From the beginning or it was a backup plan – option B, something didn’t work out. Do you think this story can be used since she was in the area? “she added.

Mehul Choksi also alleged that Barbara Jabarica did not attempt to help him as he was beaten and placed in a small boat. He said that the way Barbara Jabarica conducted herself clearly indicated that “she was an integral part of this whole plan to kidnap him.”

Barbara Jabarica confirmed that she met Mehul Choksi over breakfast the day he was allegedly abducted, but she left for the airport and was on the other side of the island that day.

Barbara Jabarica said: “You can call the restaurant. They can confirm that the last time I saw Mehul Choksi was on the 23rd in the morning. We went, had a breakfast meeting, had a coffee and then returned to the port area of Jolly. At 11:30 am or at the latest at 12 noon. After that we said goodbye, although he insisted, he was convincing me why I did not extend my stay and stay longer. But I told him that I have business What to do, I have to go to another island and I can’t stay in Antigua all the time. So that was the last time we spoke and since then, even when I was in Europe, our conversations and chats went on for more than a week. “

Mehul Choksi and her lawyers have filed a complaint against Barbara Jabarica for kidnapping and torture. They have also accused her of collusion with men of Indian origin.

She flatly rejected the accusations saying: “No, not at all, they asked me questions before about two Indian guys on the boat. I don’t know those people and nobody contacted me, there were no signs of kidnapping or kidnapping and people who know the area very well. from Jolly Harbor, it is literally impossible to kidnap someone in the family area in the middle of Sunday daylight. According to me why is this not done at 7pm when we walk and it is dark and there is no one in beach or why it didn’t happen in a year, a long time when we were driving down the highway. “

The fugitive diamantaire, who has been in Dominica for about two weeks, is facing legal proceedings.

Mehul Choksi had disappeared from Antigua on May 23 and was captured in Dominica. Police charged him with illegal entry into Dominica after he allegedly escaped from Antigua and Barbuda in a possible attempt to evade extradition to India.

The 62-year-old fugitive is wanted in India in connection with a 13.5 billion rupee fraud at the National Bank of Punjab.